Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The phone call.....

we have been waiting for finally came.  Are you ready for this folks?  Are you?  I know we have been ready and waiting a very long time for this.  Our court date has been set and it is for October 14th!  That's right.  In a little over 2 weeks.  I am excited beyond words which I know you are thankful for b/c it will finally be a short post.  Alyona screamed w/ excitement when she heard the news.  Her words "  my sisters are coming home!"  We are beaming right now.  I know we have to wait for court before it is all official.  Hoping all goes well.  No updated docs are needed.  Relief there.  Will remind you all for happy thoughts and prayers on October 14th for sure when the time is near.  I know our kids over there are ready to come home.  We're ready for them to be home.  It was such a wonderful connection when we all met in June so I know we'll do well as a family.  Praying to have them home for the holidays.  I am just so happy right now.  I know October 14th, I'll be even happier.  We are finally coming to an end of our adoption journey.  This is the final chapter.  We can start making plans w/ ALL 10 kids involved.  I can not wait till they are sitting at the dinner table with us. Or playing outside w/ their siblings.  For all those waiting, it is indeed worth the wait.  More to come as we find out more.  I'm sure we won't have any guesses of travel dates until after court of course.  And remember, our children are in two different regions in EE.  That takes quite a bit of organizing and very glad we have an awesome team over there doing that for us.  This has turned out to be a wonderful day indeed.  Still smiling here.


  1. Yay! Sending wishes for a smooth process, a travel date and safe travels.

  2. So excited to hear that!! Rejoicing with you!

  3. Great news! I continue to pray for your family and look forward to seeing you bring your children home!

    Julie (Cover)ed