Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nik's drawings

Yes, another installment so quickly.  Nik is drawing a lot more now that school started up again here.  Plus, the added bonus of Halloween tends to fuel his twisted creative juices.  So, time to get to it. 

We have this book called Halloween Doodles.  Kind of a neat little coloring book.  Pretty harmless.  You know, decorate the witch's hat, fill up the candy bowl, etc.  This one was haunt the house.  You can see he clearly labeled Alex.  He told me Alex was trick or treating and he was going to die b/c a monster would get him.  He added a laugh while explaining this.  I think that was just to get Alex mad though.  So, Alex is at the house.  Under the house, you can see green eyes.  On the first floor w/ the stairs is clearly a monster.  I asked what the floating blue thing was & he told me a severed head w/ blood dripping down.  Hmm.  Middle of the book he tried to spell Goosebumps.  End of that is a ghost as you can clearly see.  Oh, pink thing on the side is a blob.  Explained in next photo.  3rd floor has a yellow something.  Not sure what.  In the middle though he told me it was a tornado.  In the house.  The final picture is of these metal teeth that chomp down on you.  Max said that's a langdolier!  LOL.  

Now you can see where he got the blob idea from.  I love how he makes the blob w/ an angry set of eyes.  The title of this one was trick or treat.  

I hate to think what he'd be for Halloween if I ever gave him an option.  For  now it is whatever you can find in the costume bin.  He is very much into monsters and scary stuff.  Yet, this is the same cuddle bug who is fascinated w/ geography and astronomy.  It is really a total package with Nik.  Not one thing defines who he is.  Just so much to him.  The monster artwork is always a neat thing for him.  Yes, he can draw sailboats and flowers just as well.  He just prefers to try and make a scary scene out of everything.  Believe it or not, he is just a normal boy w/ a great imagination.  I know one day when he's older he'll look back at these drawings and just laugh like crazy. 

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