Monday, September 26, 2011

Nik's drawings

Little "Stephen King" is at it again!  LOL.  This time, in speech therapy.  See, they have to draw different cards.  they use them in the memory game.  Let's just show you the cards he drew & then pick a few of them, shall we??

 Just soak in a few of the cards above for a moment.  Then, I'll explain a few.

He was to draw something for the word fall.  Nik doesn't just draw someone falling, does he?  Oh NO.  He draws someone being pushed off a pier into a sea of pirahnas!  Look at the angry fish in the water.  Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Hey, at least Alyona is smiling in this picture.  He was to draw fat.  he drew his sister...pregnant!  Showed what the baby would look like inside as well. 

All he had to draw was a fish.  But no, not my kid.  Nik draws some monster fish eating a guy!  Look at those teeth on that fish.  

All he was to do was to draw a phone.  He drew an entire seen.  Someone was getting hurt and he's on the phone calling the police.  I know the guy up in the right was a policeman.  I forget who he was going to arrest.  It's either Alex or me or Alyona.  Not sure.  Guessing one of us, maybe Alyona, b/c the sad girl looks pregnant.  

Where in the world does he get these thoughts from?!  I haven't even showed you the Halloween drawings yet.  Seriously, he drew the langdoliers!!!  When this kid learns to read, watch out.  He'll be all into the Stephen King books, I'm sure of it.  He loves Goosebumps movies.  I'm telling you, this kid could make a teddy bear scary.  One day, I'll have to show him when he's getting married all the stuff he's dreamed up.  

Well, this is post # 6 for one day.  I think I'm done for the evening.   More to come tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a neuro appointment for Alex & Max.  Nothing special about it for sure, just check ups.  Will most likely get the referral for Alex to see an endocrinologist though regarding his severe over heating and in ability to cool down.  Just want to be on the safe side.  Enjoy your evening everyone.  I'll try to keep Nik's artwork to a minimum.  He was supposed to draw a fork & he drew what looked like one giant pitch fork.  Maybe he'll be a cartoonist when he grows up.  Who knows.  Just know I love this kid! 

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