Monday, September 19, 2011

Nik's drawings

Well, haven't done one of these for awhile. 

Nik made this one.  Of course.  Can you even guess who this is??  At first, I thought it was Max.  Nik said no and started laughing.  He said it was Alyona.  I said why is she red?  He said she was angry but yet she's smiling.  Nik colored her eyes w/ the red streaks.  Gave her a necklace & earrings.  Alyona was then mad at him for drawing the picture.  He looks at the picture & then points to mad Alyona...while laughing.  Which as I'm sure you can guess, makes her angrier.  Got to love it.  Nik has one sick sense of humor to be sure.

Another one of Nik's even though it is not completed yet.  This is Nik wanting to be like Max. Max draws a lot of tractors and mechanical things.  This was Nik's first ever tractor and I took the picture before he was finished.  What the skull is for on the door, I have no idea.  Max draws skulls so again, think this is Nik just following big brother.  

I'll have to start taking more pictures of his drawings. I love the way his mind things.  Need to keep a portfolio for him like we did Max during his younger years.  Well, got 3 blog posts in today.  Been a busy, busy day.  Much, much more to do tomorrow.  Working on a few other posts as well.  Hope all is well with everyone.  I seriously can't wait for September to be over so that we can eventually slow down a bit.  Though, No free weekend until the first weekend in November.  Told the kids already we are doing NO extracurricular activities this winter.  Spring, yes.  Winter, we need to just chill and not be on the move all the time.  Don't worry, somehow I still think the calender will be full. 

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