Friday, September 9, 2011

Nik's drawings (and other bits & pieces)

He's baaack!  Yes, our little "Stephen King" is back.  For those who don't know, Nik has a weird side to him when it comes to drawings.  Some of the things he comes up with others may think disturbing.  Humpty dumpty is one for the books.  LOL.  Well, I knew all the recent news coverage may trigger that inner artist he has.

Ahh, to the untrained eye, this may just look like a mess.  He kindly labeled it so I'd figure it out.  Then, he told me all about it.  All the vertical squiggly lines are the hurricanes.  The loose lines all over the place are water.  Now, you have the giant green monster.  Notice the angry face on the monster.  The monster is shooting upwards to.... me!  Yes, the monster is shooting mom and I am officially dead according to Nik.  At first, I wasn't sure how to take that interpretation.  However, notice on top of the monster.  That is Nik.  Again, clearly labeled.  I asked what he was doing and he said punching the monster.  So, not sure if Nik is defending me by punching the monster or punching the monster to make him shoot me.  I'm hoping for the first one.  LOL.  Our house is on the left also taking on some of the hurricane.  I've kept some of his more "famous" drawings.  Like the Humpty Dumpty or decapitated Alex.  I promise he's not psychologically damaged.  He's not. This is just what he does.  He also draws flowers and nice stuff.  Like the other post a few days ago w/ his self-portrait w/ the sunny day w/ a lake and apple orchard.  Sweet picture.  Go figure.  His art teacher and other teachers last year said it's great and shows he's really expressive. Crazy kid.  

We had soccer this evening.  Late evening for sure.  Went to the grocery store after soccer.  Nik was not on my good list, that's for sure.  He decided he should try out the brushes on the display.  URGHH!!!  On his sweaty head.  URGHH!!!  Made him put his hands on the cart the rest of the trip.  He was playing it up and trying to kiss my hand to make it all better.  As a mother to 7, he has to know by now I do NOT fall for these tricks.  Came home & we made chicken fajitas. Kids just seemed wound up this evening for some reason.  Max was unclear of instructions from class.  Okay, IEP is in place for a reason.  I said I NEED communication from teachers.  FAS kids are not good for remembering a process.  Drives me nuts some days.  So, Yana is in his class and told him he better pay attention next time.  LOL.  She told him to sit up front, it helps.  She sits in front btw.  Helps.  We gave up after a while.  There was no winning here.  I'm sure teacher will write me tomorrow.  Kids are not packed for their trip tomorrow.  Room is beyond horrible.  What is it w/ the boys?!  Girls' rooms are fine.  Rest of the house is fine(for the most part).  But the boys?  No. Clean one day, disaster the next.  I still don't get it.  I take stuff and throw it out.  Somehow, new stuff finds a way in.  

So, normal stuff at Chaos Manor.  Tomorrow is Friday.  4 older kids go to the beach on a youth group trip with the church.  Entire weekend.  Wahoo!!!  Ooh, did I say that out loud?  Yes.  Every once in awhile, a house without teens in it has less drama and a calming effect.  So, Friday, we drop them off at church at 5pm.  Coming back and going to outlets to find Warren shoes.  He only wears one kind of Reeboks.  Don't ask.  His sister and I have tried to convert him to a variety of shoes.  No, didn't work.   Well, the place we go to get everyone shoes stopped carrying his.  I thought I was free of those black sneakers.  Finally.  Nope.  He found out they carry them at the outlets in Smithfield.  For some reason men don't seem as picky as women about their shoes.  LOL.   After that, thought we'd take our 3 out to Dairy Queen.  We haven't eaten out for ice cream all summer.  Saturday, Alex & Nik have a soccer game.  After that, Warren and I are taking them to a home & garden show at the convention center.  It's free.   Gives us ideas for the big change.   More on that later.  church Sunday.  Maybe some park time too.  So, not the most exciting weekend but stuff to do for sure.  And, I intend to once and for all get caught up. 

Okay, it's Friday.  I wrote this yesterday.  Sure was a late night.  I let the homeschoolers sleep in  a bit this morning.  They really needed it.  First thing Alex woke up & said this morning is "solar oven!"  Do you think he can keep up this enthusiasum when we study rocks later this year?  Nice though that he's excited about learning.  More to come in posts.  Trying to catch up and as I'm sure you're aware, blog is lower on the priority list.  As it should be.  Thanks btw for all the opinions, advice and options coming in on whether or not to drop the ASL.  for now, I don't think it is a good idea.  Let's face it honestly.  He is going to be 9yo and has no clear audible speech.  Yes, there are a handful of words/ phrases that he says that we understand but that no one else could.  Cued speech is not an option right now simply b/c we tried it.  I seriously could not get it.  Not kidding.  Plus, w/ Bojan missing fingers, his communication w/ his brother would be limited.  And, it was too complicated for my kids w/ mental challenges to learn.  So, we had scratched the idea 2 years ago when we tried it.  However, I have indeed heard it helps immensely for some.  I've seen it first hand when we go to cue camp every year in May.   When we are around deaf people, Nik shies away and doesn't walk to communicate with them.  This kid really is tough to figure out.  For now, sticking with both and emphasizing the verbal.  I've asked him point blank if he wants to talk or sign.  He verbally tells me I don't know.  I think that about sums it up b/c I don't know either.  Such a hard decision for parents of deaf children.  We'll get there I'm sure.  Some of it I know is trial and error.  Just still so hard. 

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  1. Since Nik is such an artist, maybe he should take up more ASL since it is visual language. Plus, many deaf schools have great art schools for the deaf. look up all the deaf artists, they are great!