Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mini Thoughtful Thursday & brief updates

Don't have much time as this week has been busy.  But, thought it was high time for a few happenings around here.  It's also Thursday.  I haven't been as good about being aware of things this week.  But, two stand out. 

Alex-- we were out at church and Alex stopped Alyona so he could tie her bow.  I thought that was really sweet of him.

Alyona-- I looked outside one day and on her own she was filling up the holes with dirt that the puppies dug in the front yard.  On her own.  Super sweet so no one else would trip. 

Bojan-- Been thinking of others lately.  One of the chaperones from church trip told me Bojan may want to work with other amputees that just lost their leg.  How it would be inspirational as he can do so much w/ his leg.  Bojan was really excited about the thought of that and I just thought it was nice that he may be willing to help others in this manner.

Today, we had an guy come and give some estimates.  I'll have another post on all that.  Getting ready for an IEP meeting for Yana next.  Who has now taken on another identity at school as Nicole.  Again, another post on that later too.  I think since it's raining this weekend, it will be a catch up post kind of weekend.  LOL.  After IEP, home to eat lunch, speech therapist comes, and then a demonstration guy.  After that, cook some dinner, do some more errands and then off to soccer practice today.  Warren took off today so he could help me out.  Glad he did.  It has been a very, very busy week for us but we're getting through it.  Yana has no meets this weekend.  We have soccer games on Saturday but they'll be finished by lunch.  Everyone is healthy for the most part.  Alex & I seem to be battling a head cold/ sinus type stuff but no biggie.  Just draining.  Nothing knew on the adoption front.  I know judges are being assigned today for some so hoping I can be in that pile of people.  Or, at least I heard Thursday was the day.  With adoption, you can never tell.  I'm just really ready to hear a court date so we can start making plans accordingly.  ONce you have a court date, you can kind of guesstimate a time frame for pick up.  With us, that is huge as we have much to arrange before we go.  It's like executing a major battle plan.  LOL.  Anyhow, lots to tell, lots that may be happening, and many pictures still to post.  But, duty calls and IEP meeting, here we come.  No, I never did get that DEC 17 back.  Hoping we can do the meeting w/out it.  I've done that before and just handed it in later.  We'll see.  More to come.  I know I owe many folks emails or phone calls.  I'm getting there.  Like I said, think this is going to have to be a catch up weekend.  Got to run. 

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