Monday, September 26, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, weekend did not go as plan but that's okay.  Still worked out though and that's what counts.  Won't bore you with the weekend.  Today is Monday and ready to start the week off.  busy week again as usual.  Again, it won't slow down until November.  Which is perfect.  This week we have cross country and soccer as usual.  Alex and Max have a neurology check up.  Don't expect any surprises and asking for Alex's endocrinology referral while there for sure.  Irina has a check up w/ the ped.  It is a follow up from her neurology this past week.  Her blood pressure is elevated and they just want to make sure all is a-okay.  That is one thing that is very difficult (in my mind anyhow) having adopted children.  No past medical history.  None.  It's hard.  We work with what we have though.  Kids also have church clubs this week. It really is cool and they love it.  Nik & Bojan are doing the science club.  The rest are doing the cooking club.  Just nice to do and they are going to learn a ton. 

Today, we've done some art, reading, and language arts.  They are currently watching a movie (short one) and then we're going to eat some lunch.  After lunch, it's back to workbooks and then science which we'll do together.  Out for some play time and then back for a little math.  After speech therapy.  I'm working on some paperwork stuff.  Nothing exciting.  We have an appointment with vocational rehab this Thursday.  I am actually looking forward to getting Irina started on the career path for sure.  She is excited as well.  Just hope they do not continue to do what WJHS did last year.  All they did was have the OCS students clean.  Anywhere they went.  That's  Yes, cleaning is a skill but seriously, they could have been learning so much more.  This is different than the schools and works w/ adults so hoping for a fresh perspective here.  These group of kids have plenty of skills and I refuse to have her pigeon holed into something.  I have no issue speaking my mind at these meetings.  We put up w/ it for a little while last year just due to what all was transpiring at home.  I'm sure you all remember those tough few months.  Now that all is clear, total focus can be getting Irina situated w/ a job.  Any advice before I meet w/ the voc. rehab folks, please share.  So far, I really have enjoyed speaking to the guy on the phone about it all.  He has answered many of my questions and NO attitude!  He was respectful and very understanding.  I do think he'll help Irina with a job.  Time will tell though.

Nothing new on the adoption front...unfortunately.  I just want a court date.  That's it.  Just a date.  Maybe this is our week.  Our turn.  Our time.  It's been a long time. The wait is excruciating.  Doesn't matter that these are our 8th, 9th & 10th children.  It's still a hard wait.  Just, you learn to handle it better when you've done it before. 

Well, started this in the morning.  Still much to catch up on.  HOwever, blog is always last on the list as family life is a bit more important.  Tonight is Monday.  There are NO activities on Monday nights which I love. A break to start off the week.  Warren and I always watch Castle.  Really enjoy that show.  Or maybe it's the quiet time w/ out the kids up I enjoy.  LOL.  Not sure which it is.  Nothing special happening this week or this weekend.  Just soccer and church.  And, we have a birthday coming up soon.  And, I still have to write about the sweet sixteen that happened here.  Gee whiz I'm behind.  Oh well, it goes to show you life goes on.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  The weather is gorgeous here but can not wait till the weekend.  Going to be in the 60's.  Wahoo for chilly weather.  Okay, so it's chilly to those of us in NC. 

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