Monday, September 19, 2011

Manic Monday

Where did the weekend go??  Where did my "catch up" time go?  This past weekend was good.  Tiring, but good.  Saturday was really rainy and dreary out.  Still, had to go to soccer games.  First set started at 8:30am.  Kids all made it.  After that, came home, had lunch & then Warren & I went to Barnes and Nobles to find something.  Not there.  Put us in a pinch b/c we MUST have it.  Can't tell now but will later this week for sure.  Came home and we all just vegged out a bit.  Yesterday was busier w/ church and then a church picnic in the afternoon.  I also did my apple pie fundraiser.  There will be an entire post on that & can't wait to share it w/ you all.  Today, I have 2 "littles" & my homeschoolers.  So, not much time on here to write till later this evening.  Nik, Alex & Alyona did reading, writing, and math before the "littles" even got here so that was a big relief.  I'll do science & history together w/ the "littles" today.  May do a project this after noon but not sure yet.  Making sure we have enough supplies.  Just popped cupcakes in the oven as Nik has a soccer game this evening & I have snacks.  Needed to find something around the house for snack.  Others have brought donuts so guess it will be fine.  We'll be taste testing soon as my neighbor gave me egg replacement.  Never used that before.  Her daughter has severe allergies. I had one egg & for some reason neighbors were out too.  LOL.  We were all laughing about it b/c all of us used the last eggs this morning.  You know that would only happen on a day I needed eggs for cake, right. 

This is a very, very busy week for us.  We have a soccer game this evening for Nik.  Tuesday, Neurology for Irina, contractor(again, more on this later), FAS support group meeting, speech therapy and I forget what else.  Wednesday, we have the church clubs after school and Yana's home meet.  Thursday is Yana's birthday and a whole list of other happenings that day as well.  Friday, no school but hoping we can go hiking possibly. 

So, much to do for sure.  I will explain a bunch more later and have pictures from this past weekend.  Just duty calls & I must answer.  Need to check some more work that the homeschoolers did.  Cupcakes are about done & I'm taking all the kids for a neighborhood walk w/ the dogs.  Lots of good things happening at Chaos Manor.  However, we're dealing w/ some ups & downs of teen life too.  Much more to share.  Also, we have many, many kids that need families.  I the two that are truly weighing on my heart...the CF(cystic fibrosis) siblings.  Just two and three years old.  Babies really.  I will have more on them very soon.  Got to go. Nik is holding a legos creation while messing w/ the computer mouse.  Have an awesome week & like 5 more posts to come this evening.  LOL. 

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