Monday, September 12, 2011

Manic Monday

Goodness, where did the weekend go??  We had a semi-busy weekend.  It was not as productive as I'd hoped.  Friday, the older kids left for the beach with the church youth group.

Saturday, Alyona and I woke up to go to yardsales.  There were tons!  We only go w/ a certain amount of money but boy did we find some deals.  A cool Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket for Nik.  He thinks he's the coolest in it.  LOL.  It is really neat & I'll have to get a picture eventually.  Got tons of books and project stuff for just a quarter each.  We snagged them all.  Can't wait to try some of the projects.  Really great stuff and teaching tools.  Yana got a jacket too.  Too many things to name really.  We went home and made breakfast.  Chilled for a bit in front of the tv and then had the kids get ready for soccer games.  Alex & Nik had a game at the same time.  It was hot.  Too hot for Alex who failed to wear the cooling vest he had.  However, this time the lesson was too great & he said he will be wearing it from here on out.  Alex got scared.  Very scared.  I poured water all over him before the game began.  Hoping that would help.  Helped for awhile.  I could see him out on the field looking rough.  He even came for water once himself.  I asked Alyona and she agreed Alex looked bad.  Then, Alex came running over to me.  Said he can't breath, etc.  Made him sit in the shade, pouring water over him again, getting him water, etc.  He was beat red.  Really red.  He was sitting out for awhile.  It was not hospital type situation which was great but you could tell it could have headed that way.  He is now convinced he needs the vest we bought him.  In addition, Warren and I think it may be time for a visit to an endo just to be sure.  See, Alex sees a neurologist and has very thorough panels done via neuro every 6 months or so.  The urologist we only saw once or twice b/c with the horseshoe kidney, he said there really is nothing you need to do.  Just check later on in life.  Having the one big kidney deal though does effect adrenal issues.  We're going to ask his neuro next time(in a week actually) for a referral to an endo.  Can't see an endocrinologist in this area w/out a referral.  Or, she may have some suggestions.  Some FAS kids have temp regulating issues.  About half my FASers do.  However, I think Alex's situation is a bit more than that.  Just being on the safe side.

After the games came straight home to let Alex cool some more in air conditioning.  Had lunch and then went to do a few errands.  Nothing thrilling.  Went to the outlets to try to find Alex some cleats for soccer.  Thought we lucked out but they were just too small and nothing a bigger size up.  We were at the Adidas outlet store.  Did manage to snag cleats for next year for 2 of the kids though.  They were $10 & buy one get one half off.  So, for $7.50 for a brand new pair of soccer cleats, we picked up two pair but still have none for Alex.  Checking some more places.  

Came home & decided it would be nice to take the other three out to dinner and then for ice cream.  We had a fantastic time w/ the three of them and listening to their Christmas wish lists.  Nik wants a tire swing and a planetarium.  Alex wants $30 for college.  Alyona wants an alarm clock and a husband.  Umm, I don't think she's getting that husband for Christmas, do you?  I don't know where she came up with that.  Just thought it was kind of funny. 

Sunday we went to church.  Then, to a free home and garden show in Raleigh.  Always nice to get ideas for the future.  Kids were great.  Of course part of that may have been due to the fact that every vendor seemed to be giving out free candy.  Home again and then off to pick up the older kids from church.  They had a great time.  That was probably an understatement.  Of course, adults told us how wonderful they were, helpful, self-sufficient, etc.  They get into the car & immediately start fighting with each other!  Oooh, not happy.  Sometimes I'd love to video tape them.  Though I'm glad they behave so dog gone well for others and hold it all in, it would just be nice if they would continue to do so after the outing.  Got to love it. 

Today, just have one "little."  Nik loves it when he comes over.  They love exploring for bugs together.  Though right now, they're building kinex.  Alex just finished up reading.  Now, he's going to go walk Kota.   Then, we'll work on some math together.  I feel awful today.  So stuffed up and just not myself.  Think it is combo of allergies and sinuses.  Just enough to make me feel miserable and not get any sleep.  Not in the mood to teach anything today.  Today may be mostly workbook stuff for them.  Not sure.  Would like to sleep.  chest is hard to breath simply b/c so stuffed up.  I think I have the makings of one wicked head cold coming on but hopefully not.  Hopefully, I can stave it off.  Luckily, only place i have to go today is to pick up Yana.  After the "little" leaves, I think I might have to take a nap. 

I will get caught up on the blog a bit more this week but for now, feeling a bit under the weather and with so much going on the next few weeks, I need to catch this early and get well.  I have an Upwards post about their soccer but frankly, feel even weak to write.  Pitifull, I know.  Enjoy your week.  It is going to be a beautiful week so I need to get well and enjoy it w/ the kids.  More to come for sure.  Can't wait for you all to see pictures of the kids in action with soccer. 

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