Thursday, September 15, 2011

King Kota

Time to chat a little about Kota.  Kota was brought home last year as a puppy.  Brought home in November along with Alaska.  Digby came a few months later.  Crazy, I know but we go with the flow here.  Kota is nicknamed King Kota for a reason.  The reason?  He is the alpha dog here and thinks he's boss.  Kota is the more aggressive bossy of the pups.  It took awhile but Kota has changed a bit.

This is Kota.  Notice he's laying by the damaged wall.  Nice, huh?  However, he has an accomplice with that.  Most of our baseboards look like that now as does the bottom legs of our couches, coffee tables, etc.  Puppies.  Aspen and Bear used to do the same thing so it's not like we didn't expect it.  

Kota likes to dominate.  He has learned though he can not do that any more.  Our vet gave us a few tricks.  Love the water bottle idea btw. Our biggest issue now is him and Alaska wanting to jump up on people when they walk in the door.  They want to play, it's a friendly thing, tails are wagging, etc.  However, I've told everyone to not engage them and only pet them when they're down.  Still, they keep jumping up despite the water bottle or commands.  So, suggestions on this.  We've told people to put their knee up when they do this.  These puppies by far have been the hardest to get trained out of all the dogs we've had in the past.  It is the first time I've ever considered obedience training.  Kota is super duper protective of the family & the house.  Nik & I do this thing.  Boxing...sort of.  LOL.  You'd have to see it to understand.  Nik loves it.  Well, Kota thinks were really hitting and let's us know he disapproves.  He'll bark like crazy at it.  Need to get it on tape.  It's all pretend and Nik's laughing like mad and the dog is barking senseless.  I do need it on tape.  One of those AFV moments. 

Kota is a barker.  Alaska seems to have settled down quite a bit though she still really loves to play & loves to run.  Kota's come a long way but we still have a little ways to go.  I know he's almost a year old so still much, much puppy left in him.  Just ready for him to mellow out a bit more.  Though I will say this, we no longer have to keep him locked in the bedroom when company comes over.  That's a plus for sure.  And, they are not escaping hardly at all any more.  Keeping fingers crossed here as this was a recent accomplishment.  

We're getting there slowly but surely with the dogs.  They are definitely well loved.  Now, we have to work on the hyper bit.  Like jumping up on people to say hello.  A guy that came to the house today said he has the same problem with his puppies that he has.  I guess that was kind of a relief as we feel at least were not the only ones.  The puppies have gotten better about so many things.  Kota is definitely a lot more calmer and doesn't question every person that comes to the house.  Well, as long as were with him.  He barks a lot when people come over but still much better than before.  He and Digby get along very well now and play every morning together.  Kota is the kind of dog that loves to rough house with the kids.  Yet, he'll lay on his back so you can scratch his belly.  Overall, Kota is doing excellent.  Just need to tweak some things a bit more.  

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