Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just had to share

This will be short but couldn't help but share it.  Yana had her very first official meet today for cross country.  Now, last time she ran, she came in 22nd and even walked some of it.  Today, she came in 11th!  Can you believe it?!  And, did not walk!  I just think this is awesome for a first time runner.  That is a HUGE improvement in time in my opinion.  We were very proud of Yana.   Can't wait till the next meet.  We will go to her home meet when they have it here.  We're all going to make signs.  LOL.  I know, she'll probably die of embarrassment but isn't that what family is for?  We made a sign last time and she didn't mind at all.  Actually, her friend made the sign b/c we were out of poster board.   Just had to share what Yana did today.  I thought it was well worth mentioning. 

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