Monday, September 26, 2011

It's been a year....

since they came into our lives.  An entire year.  What am I talking about?  The puppies!  As of today, I believe we should call them the dogs.  For as of today, they are a year old.  Well, we haven't had them quite a year but they were born a year ago.  We got them in November, a few weeks after they were born.  Do you remember what they looked like?

 Kota and Alaska checking out their view of the front yard, their first day home.

Puppies getting used to Bojan.

Kota, seems very much in charge.  You think this is how he got the nick name King Kota? 

Alaska, looking a little shy.  She was checking out the back yard.  

The puppies have sure kept us on our toes this past year.  We had never had Austrailian Shepard mixes before and well, let's just say they have more energy then all our previous dogs combined!  They still chew but not nearly as badly.  They still escape but we are about down to once a week.  We're getting there.  They get walked/ ran several times a day.  We'd love to be able to fence in the yard.  Remember, we tried that earlier this year and it failed.  They just jumped the fence.  Need a 6' at least.  Working on it.  The kids and the dogs have done very well together.  We're still working on them not jumping up on people when they walk in the door.  That's a tough one.  For all their puppy antics though, we wouldn't trade them for the world.  They've come a long way and we've come a long way in love with them.  Dogs are a form of therapy for many of our children.  They are always there to listen or for something to cry on.  It does make a difference.  Alaska is our cuddler for sure.  She is a people person and a permanent lap dog.  You will always find her in someone's lap here.  Then you have Kota. He's the playful pup.  Always wanting to play tug of war w/ one of the kids.  Yet, loves his belly scratched.  Kota still likes to think he's in charge though over the last 2 months, that has really, really been cut down a bunch.  All in all, we have truly loved having the dogs here the last year.  It's been a wild ride.  Many items have been lost to the puppies.  However, you learn it's not the items that are important in life.  So, we live w/ that chewed up baseboard:

Kota loves to still chew up the wood.  We have not one nice window sill or baseboard in this home any longer.  Again, not the things that tend to be important though is it?  It is the people and pets in your lives.  We can't imagine our lives without the puppies dogs in it.  It's been an incredible year with the pups.  Love you Alaska and Kota! 

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