Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homeschool update

Homeschool.  It's trial and error those first few weeks and I'm well aware of that.  though lately, I think we've had more error than trial.  I had a schedule all worked out.  Yeh, that hasn't been followed since we started.  With short attention span theater, I think it's difficult at times to have a strict schedule.  So, we're going with the flow here.  I will tell you what we do do everyday.

Here's Alyona and Nik doing some of their workbooks.  We do not have one set cirriculum here.  Their levels are just all over the place.  Would be too hard to do. 

Sometimes, we have to stop and play with one of the "littles." 

This is what they enjoyed doing for about 5 minutes the other day.  Pig faces.  Nice, isn't it?

Well, the day starts w/ waking up.  Hasn't been hard for any of them to wake up thank goodness.  Then, Nik, Alyona & Alex enjoy going for a morning bike ride.  Come back eat breakfast, get dressed & then read a book.  While they read, I read a book to Nik.  Then, they work on a journal entry.  I pick the topics for now.  By this time, the "littles" may come.  Only 1 or 2 of them this year.  Little 1 & 2 (if both are here) go upstairs to play.  Mean time, the other 3 do their math and I do flashcards(multiplication) with Alex.  After all that, it is time for them to go out and play while I pull weeds.

Usually, we'll go on the playground.  This day was cool so they all enjoyed the sandbox.  Yeh, needs weeding, I know.  Why the roller skates are in there, I'll never know.  

Alyona.  Using our seeder for the wrong purpose.  Shampoo bottle?  Not sure why all these weird items are in the sandbox.  Hey, they're having fun and creating something, I let it go.  

After some time outside, we come back in for a snack break.  Then, we take the 3 dogs for a walk.  Come back and do some work together.  Usually talk about history or do science.  My lectures are brief or I lose them.  LOL.  So, all the kids sit and listen.  By this time, it's lunch time.  After lunch, we do something else.  Usually, workbooks.  The "littles" like work too so keeping it to ABC's.  Today, they glued cotton balls to make the letter A.  While doing this, their learning basic sign as well.  They think it's cool.  After the Littles finish their work, they usually play while my homeschoolers finish their workbooks.  By this time, it is either speech therapy time or time to go outside again.  I let them all play the rest of the afternoon unless we have a project to do.  This week, we made Apache shields.  

It varies from day to day but that is the general routine.  Tomorrow, we're going to the bounce house in the morning.  Wednesdays are story time at the church but didn't go today b/c Max's teacher called before we were going.  URGHH!!!  So, going next week.  Friday, are park days.  This week though, supposed to pour down rain Friday.  Now, my kids are full during the week in the evenings.  Soccer and church clubs.  In fact, getting ready to leave for the science and cooking club at church.  

Not sure we're doing this homeschool thing right but we're sure trying.  And, they've completed a few workbooks already.  Nik is trying to sound out letters.  The "littles" can even tell their parents we live in the milky way galaxy and the sun is hot.  LOL.  Alex is rolling along finally learning his multiplication facts.  He's excited about that.  Alyona is frustrated but she still is trying so hard and getting their.  We had to first break her of the cycle that she was used to in school.  No, mom is not going to tell you how to spell something or give you the answer.  Now, she doesn't even ask me.  She the dictionary!  Trust me, huge step.  I see progress.  I'm not pushing them...yet.  HOwever, I've seen a lot of self-motivation to want to learn new things.  We're just now getting into new world explorers so I think they'll have a good time with that unit.  They are thoroughly enjoying the science and planets we're studying.  Very happy about that.  They loved and really got into the solar oven.  We plan on doing many more hands on science projects/experiments.  For now, just getting our feet wet in stuff.  

For science, by the end of the year, they will have studied the solar system, dinosaurs, human body, rocks and minerals, animals, oceans, and much, much more.  For now, trying to fill in the huge learning gaps with my kids.  It's not easy.  Alyona is in 5th grade, yet can't read.  She can't write.  She can't do basic math.  By law, the schools here must teach on grade level despite the kids NOT understanding it.  Even in special ed.  I think that is just plain stupid and wrong.  Seriously, you can't teach a kid algebra if they can't even add!  Alex has huge gaps as well.  Not as big as Alyona's mind you but still their.  He is a very choppy reader.  Doesn't comprehend much of what he reads.  Nik is in 2nd grade.  He can not read or write.  Or speak.  Nik is now starting to sound out words with me!  Letter by letter.  I tell you all this stuff not to demonstrate what they can't do.  No.  It's to show you by the end of the year, just what they will be ABLE to do.  I see progress little by little.  I will share this journey we're on.  To catch up our kids as best as possible and allow them to reach their fullest potential in academics.  Keep you posted.

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