Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Girls & their hair

For some reason my girls never seem content with their hair.  I'm serious. If it's up,they want it down.  If it's down, they want it up.  Can't win for losing around here when it comes to hair and the girls.  Example. 

Yana changed her hair color this past weekend.  I think it looked fine before but no almost 16yo wants to hear that from mom.  And, since I color my hair, I can't really say no but so much.  Doesn't look bad and matches her skin tone.  I'm just used to it the other way.  See, the only picture she ever had of her biological sister is her with very dark brown hair.  So, not sure if that has something to do with things or not.  For fellow adoptive parents, this is truly the age they ask lots and lots of questions.  Be ready.  

Alyona has been loving the fact that her sisters are practicing on her head. They have been practicing braiding.  Alyona loves it because she says it is wavy in the morning.  Now, she insists she wants this style all the time. 

Alyona is definitely happy with the outcome.  Sorry for all the fuzzy pictures here.  Not sure if Irina or Yana took them.  They wanted to document their handiwork.  LOL.  Hey, they're helping each other out and communicating w/ each other so I best not complain on any of it.  

Today is Tuesday.  Getting mixed up.  We got a ton done this morning. Lots and lots of reading and reading comprehension.  Reading comprehension is weak for all my kids.  Nik is really working on sounds.  We also discussed our field trip to the apple orchard and talked about where apples come from, Johnny Appleseed and fall.  Discussed famous landmarks as well.  Had lunch.  Kids are now vegging out for a little free time.  After that, back to work on some math and a walk.  Finish off with science at the end of the day.  Tonight, Alex has soccer practice so we'll go there.  Other than that, I think we're not doing much else.  Later this week we're going to make our solar oven so I best get to work on ordering pizza.  Need a box.  And an excuse to get pizza.  Plus, we have free points saved for a free pizza.  Kids are looking forward to the solar oven experiment.  Me too.  got to go.  Still much to do.  More pictures to come.  Need to load them and post about the apple orchard trip. It really was fun.  And educational! 

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