Friday, September 16, 2011

Flabulous to fabulous

Well, it's Friday and I promised myself I'd do this every week.  Regardless of if I actually did anything I said I would do.  Let's face it, getting started on an exercise routine is just not as easy as it sounds.  I was so psyched a few weeks ago that I could go to this jazzercise thing 3 times a week and then I found out the only times I could go were when soccer nights were.  URGHH!!!  Yet, I was still determined to do it on my own.  Wanted to start slowly. 

Well, slowly has surely been the theme for this weight loss program.  I'm not using this as an excuse by any means but I seriously felt under the weather this week.  If I could take a nap right now, I would.  But, I can't.  Needless to say, I am disappointed in this past week.  I could not get the motivation to exercise the way I needed to.  I did weight lift and stretch out daily so I guess that's something.  I did weed each and every day which was probably a mistake and added to the severe allergy suffering.  So even though I felt bad, I still tried to do something.  And, I've been drinking much, much more water.  However, I did no cardio this week and for that I regret it.  Yet, being that I couldn't breathe, I honestly don't see how I could have had a productive workout.  OKay, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 

Next week, well tomorrow actually, I'm getting back in the swing of things.  Continuing the little things for sure.  But, the main thing I really need is to add the cardio.  I know that would really kick me into gear.  Is it bad that I typed this while eating a chocolate chip cookie we made earlier?  Yet, I did show restraint by not eating a whole pile.  Yes, time to go walk the dogs.  So, I'm chalking this up to not the best week but it is  a beginning nonetheless.  Now, if I don't report next week that I've done cardio for at least 4X that week, some one come over and seriously make me run.  Or at least yell at me for it.  Promise, I won't get angry.  I will say thank you.  I need this for sure.  Next Friday, I am intending on reporting in a whole different tone.  Anyone else out there on the healthier me quest?  Would love to hear what you're doing and what keeps you going.

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