Friday, September 2, 2011

Flabulous to fabulous

Yes, I've been hiding lately.  Been such a busy, busy week.  I have not gotten back to people.  If you've written me, I do promise to get back to you.  It has just been really hectic here lately and this weekend I'll spend some time catching up for sure.  For now, thought it was high time for this post.  I've been hiding from it.  Not wanting to do it. Not wanting to admit that I failed to do what I set out to do a few months back.  But, here's the truth, time is hard to come by lately.  Lots of kids' events. 

I'll fill you in on a bit since I know not everyone knows.  I want to lose weight.  Yes, want to lose weight like a bunch of other moms out there.  Believe it or not, I used to be the peak of fitness.  Not kidding.  I had to have my body fat measured every two weeks in college.(it was part of the program I was in)  I was in many sports med programs, kinesiology, health & fitness stuff.  In fact, my major was health & fitness specialist w/ a concentration in cardiopulmonary rehab.  It's not like I don't know what I'm supposed to do to lose weight.  I do.  I can teach it.  I can  probably still explain to you the mechanics of it all and the human body.  My problem seems to be time.  It really does. 

Like most moms, my time seems to come last.  Kids come first.  I've come to realize there needs to be a balance.  I desperately wanted to join this jazzercise class.  There was a special & you could do it if you were willing to do a before & after picture.  Fine.  Then came the schedule.  Only had to go three times a week.  Fantastic!  I can do that.  Times available interfered w/ kids' youth group, soccer, cross country, etc.  URGHH~!!!  I do much, much better in a group setting.  I was disappointed but have decided I need this.  My kids need the healthier me.  Yes, medically I'm fine but I need to lose weight.  Bottom line.  I'm one of these people that once I start and commit, I'll keep going.  So, I know it is quite possible. 

So, I've started...again.  We all have to start somewhere. If I can make little changes, I can do it.  They say if you do something for 10 days straight, it becomes a habit.  Well, I want exercise to be a habit.  Period.  But, I have to start small, work out the schedules, the time, etc.  I am very determined.  Though I haven't gone to bed when I want to every night, slowly things are changing.  Breakfast has never been an issue. I always  eat a good breakfast.  I also eat fruit everyday.  Never an issue.  Lunch though needed to change.  Now, Alex & I are hooked on making ourselves homemade vegetable fajitas.  LOVE them and am teaching Alex how to cook at the same time.  We rarely eat out so that's not an issue.  Have started drinking more water.  I have started incorporating walking the dogs during homeschool.  It has become part of our homeschool schedule.  Gets all of us out of the house and into fresh air.  Also, we talk about certain school subjects on our walks.  Helps the dogs and is good for mom.  I also wake up now a tad early.  I do weight lifting and stretching every morning.  Try to do it every night as well but doesn't always work out. 

I know those are such baby steps. But, seeing that they're working, now ready to add back in my cardio workouts.  The issue right now is time to workout.  I can't do it during the day.  Kids are here.  We have soccer or other things after school so cooking dinners late & getting them to bed late.  I am going to try tomorrow to get my butt out of bed and working out early morning. I have to make time.  My mind knows this.  It does.  Saying it and doing it are two different things though.  However, since I've done the other smaller steps, I feel I'm ready to get back to the cardio workouts.  I miss being active.  It is so hard for me to be this way when I used to be the epitome of fitness and loved every minute of it.  I want to lose the weight & get back in shape.  Yes, I take the kids hiking but I want to be able to do a bunch more w/ them.  Take them rafting, take them biking, take them on a 5K, and much more. I want to do physical day trips. 

So, that's where I stand.  I know I said earlier this year I would do this but it never happened the way I wanted it to.  Now, I'm gung ho ready to go.  I will come here to report every week.  Have a goal every week.  I feel if I have to "report" it on here, I'm more likely to stick to it.  I promised myself I'd be 20 lbs lighter when I go to pick up my kids and I intend to keep that promise.  I know there are others on similar journeys.  Keep you posted on my progress every Friday.  I WILL DO THIS!!! 

I have set goals and have to hold myself accountable.  For now, I will measure them on here w/ a post every Friday.  Yes, no slacking.  So, next week, I hope that you here I have worked out everyday,  a cardio workout.  That is the goal I am setting for next week.  That and to work in my yard for twenty minutes everyday. 

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