Friday, September 30, 2011


Posted about the pups the other day that are now a year old.  Time for a Digby update. 

Digby still continues to be loved by all.  He's still our mellow fellow.  He listens, stays in the yard.  One thing we've noticed lately is he is jealous when we pet the other dogs.  He'll bark and get right up next to us.  Pet me, pet me.  And we oblige for sure.  Digby is still possessive about food but only human food.  Digby plays every day with Kota and Alaska.  I only really have good things to say about Digby.  He really is at home here.  Doesn't mind the kids.  Even got used to the noise level here.  He used to run and hide.  Now, he could care less how loud it is.  Doesn't matter what the kids are playing.  Digby loves to be loved.  And we do not mind one bit.  Just thought you'd all enjoy a Digby update.  

More to come.  Trying to play catch up on here.  It's a Friday evening.  baked potatoes are in the oven.  Late dinner tonight.  Warren is coming home and going to cook grilled chicken.  Tomorrow is very busy with  Bonus is we get to sell some apple pie filling!  And, it is supposed to be a cool, gorgeous day.  Can't wait to sell and watch them play at the same time.  I plan to get up super early, go to yardsales w/ some of my girls, come home & bake a fresh apple pie (hey, it's easy w/ EZPZ pies!), cook breakfast and off to soccer all day.  After soccer, we hit Sam's for the monthly food shopping.  Home to relax and watch a movie.  Sunday is church and youth group later that evening.  At one point the lawn will have to be tended to or people will begin to think the wild kingdom belongs here.  This is our first weekend in October.  There are 5 weekends this month.  Wow.  And every one of them is booked.  Reminds me, invitations will need to be made.  Hey, we'll get there.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I will catch up on some blog posts and get thank yous out at one point.  I owe people a ton.  Glad it's Friday.  One project for school today did not go as planned.  Scrapped it.  Did not turn out.  Some times you just go with the flow. I did let them paint mini pumpkins which they really enjoyed.  Pictures are still in the camera.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.  The weekend is going to be just beautiful and I do believe fun.  You should see how much Alyona has improved in soccer.  Nik & Alex are doing very well too.  One day, I need to video tape them. 

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