Monday, September 26, 2011

Cross country-- Yana

When Yana first told me she wanted to join cross country, I can honestly say I did not take her seriously.  Now, before anyone jumps on my case or says that's mean, I guess I should explain.  Over the past couple of years, Yana has said many, many things that never came to pass.  We'd get hopes high & expectations low.  She'd swear she'd study, she'd do this, she'd change her ways, etc, etc.  We heard it all.  However, I always say with every new day, there's fresh hope.  We'll finally, she has stuck with it!  I will tell you about the rest of all her positive changes in another post.  This is all about cross country.  They only had one home meet this year and I loaded up the kids and we went.  Got there in time to see her do her last lap.  I think they go three miles. 

 Yana, coming around the corner.  She really looks like she's concentrating.

Do you think she's happy she completed the race?

Happy to have some water.  I think she's beaming with pride.

What would the day be without brothers goofing off?  

Yana set a personal record that day I believe.  I can't remember the time. I think it was in the high 20's.  Very proud of how she tried out for cross country and stuck with it.  She has improved so much.  This was her first year ever doing any extracurricular activities with the school.  She attends practices and races.  Yana has really done a great job.  We are extremely proud of her and her cross country.  She has now decided to try out for track in the spring.  For those reading this who have kids with "issues,"  please do not count them out of anything.  Some of it will come to pass.  Yes, it's work.  But it is work worth doing.  Just look at the pride above.  Those smiles say it all.  Yana has truly transformed a lot this past year.  For now, just wanted to share her accomplishments in cross country this year.  Only 4 more meets left.  I can not wait to hear about that last race.  We are extremely proud of her. 

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  1. Yana, You are a beautiful young woman! I am also proud of the hard work you've done and the commitment you've shown! Keep up the Good Work!! ~ Jo