Saturday, September 24, 2011

burned my hand

This will be a short post.  Mostly b/c it really hurts to type.  I have some unfinished posts that will be finished but not tonight.  I was making zucchini parmasean when I was scooping out the hot grease (it was still cooking) & accidentally missed & poured it on my hand.  Ouch is an understatement.  Ran cold water on it and then we went on the hunt for that wonderous silver sulfidianzine.  It's the burn cream I received from the hospital the last time I got the kitchen then too.  Needless to say, Warren finished cooking dinner.  That is what I get to attempt something new.  BTW, the dinner did turn out fantastic.  All the kids ate it AND had seconds.  My thumb (got the brunt of it) is pretty much staying in excruciating pain.  Burn cream helps a bit but only eases it slightly. 

Air show got rained out today.  So none of the kids got to fly.  bummer.  Came home and Nik got to play w/ a friend from last year.  They had an awesome time together.  Now, we're all trying to decide on a movie to watch together.  We all voted no for Karate Kid.  Looking now for something else.   Tomorrow we have church.  Other than that, we need to do all the stuff we promised we'd do around here this weekend.  Did not include a burned hand.  More to come later on in the weekend.  Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.

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