Monday, September 12, 2011

Blast from the past!

Thought since it turned September, we could do a blast from the past segment.  Love looking through the old pictures and so neat to see how far the kids have come.  They have all grown so much and accomplished so much.  Enjoy a look back in the years.

 Yana on her 9th birthday.  Yes, we used to have a deck before it became a dining room.  This was just a few months after Yana had been home in 2005.

 Another one from 2005.  Alex & Max unearthing a rock in the front yard.  Boys.

Yana & Irina zonked out on the couch in 2005.  Notice the sea of green carpet?   The mess behind them was due to a massive remodel we were undertaking.  Behind that outside double doors was deck that would become what is now our dining room.  Not only changes in the house but the kids too.  

 Waiting for the bus that year, my kids were a site.  Bojan in a walker w/ a prosthetic & a cast on the other leg.  Alyona in a cast as well.  This was during the botched surgery time we went through.  Oy.  Now you also see why Alex's nickname used to be cotton top.  Yana looked huge compared to them.  Crazy, huh?  2007.

 Nik, sporting his Santa hat.  2007.

Kids on Halloween, 2007. 

 Alyona, Nik & Bojan during a festival we went to.  Having fun as usual.  2008.

Nik, Irina, and Alyona.  Wow, Irina looks SO different.  Notice Irina & Nik in short sleeves and shorts.  Then look at Alyona.  Yes, she too has some FASD temperature regulating issues I do believe.  We all had fun at this festival at a local church.  2008.

 Warren working with the kids on some Lowes projects.  Warren is a brave man to hold the nail while the kids used the hammer.  To this day though, he hasn't broken any fingers yet.  And, the kids love this.  2009. 

Alyona and Nik enjoying an end of the summer rain storm in September 2009.  They were really having a great time with it.  Got to love Alyona's choice of rain gear.  

Yana and her friend Lauren helped Alyona & Nik get dressed together in a shopping bag.  For whatever reason, I have no clue.  Just know they were all smiles when it was done.  One plastic grocery bag equals entertainment for my bunch.  This was in 2009 also.  

Hope you enjoyed a blast from the past.  Takes me back for sure.  Can't believe how grown up they all seem now.  Time needs to slow down.  More to come the next few days.  Still feeling under the weather.  Have a wonderful week everyone.

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