Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being part of the family

Being part of a family means different things to different people.  The other day, my son Nik decided to let me know what it meant to him.

To Nik, it means having your picture on the mantle.  See, we had the other kids pictures and even the new kids pictures up there but he didn't have a picture up there.  Now, before you all jump to conclusions, we did not do that on purpose and there are pictures all over the house w/ him in it.  However, he did not see one on the mantle.  So, Nik got an old picture out that he found.  Carefully measured and cut his own frame out of construction paper.  Even making a backing to it.  A stand too out of paper.  He then proudly displayed it on the mantle for all to see.  In his mind, he was part of the family.  To us, he always has been.

This is one of the things we do when new kids come home.  We already have framed pictures on the wall hanging w/ the other kids pictures so that they feel part of the family.  Now, our wall has a bunch of spaces w/ missing pictures.  Why?  Well, we do live in Chaos Manor and balls get thrown around...a lot.  (Alex!).  Pictures get broken all the time.  I got tired of replacing them.  They are now in a stack behind my door in my room.  I'm one of those people also that takes tons of pictures and then fails to put them in the photo albums.  Is there a way to make that into a homeschool project??  LOL  

Anyhow, I thought it was clever of Nik to do that with the pictures.  I also promised I'd get another one up of him.  Need to print it off & pick it up.  Or, just take one out from behind the door and reframe it...again.  Now, off to do a little more homeschool work.  All three have finished a few workbooks already.  Nik is still struggling with addition.  Once it is in the double digits.  Working on it.  Alex is determined to conquer multiplication.  And Alyona really wants to read.  I think these are all reasonable goals.  I think they can do it.  They're playing right now.  Nik finished another workbook this morning.  We're doing some phonics with Explode the Code. I really like it and makes him think and listen.  Though it is not a self learning book by any means.  I do two lessons a day with him.  He knows after, he can go out and swing or bounce.  My kids need lots of physical activity and they get that here.  Today they are very excited about lunch.  I had free pizza points for a free large pizza.  Yum.  Plus, we need the box to make our solar oven tomorrow for science.  Got to go.  Much to do.  Tonight is soccer as well.  Busy but it's a good busy.  All four of the older kids go to the beach for the entire weekend tomorrow.  Can't wait.  Plans for the rest of us include maybe taking the other three out for ice cream.  Soccer games on Saturday and a home & garden show in Raleigh.  May hit a museum for the younger three this weekend but not sure.  May just go to the park with them.  Or, walk some trails.  Church is Sunday.  Keeping things active for sure.  More to come.  Just have to find time to blog here and there.  That's why some of these posts are so choppy.  Start and stop.  I'm sure all you other moms out there totally understand though. 

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