Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apple Orchard Visit (part III)

Well, time for part III of our visit.  Too many pics to put in one post. Plus, I've been a little busy trying to adjust to homeschool routine.  But, still wanted to finish this post just b/c we really did have a good time at the orchard. 

 After lunch, they decided to climb a tree.  This is not a small tree by any means.

 Max, giving Yana a boost up the tree.  This was a really neat tree to climb.

 Max and Bojan hanging out around the tree as well. 

Nik and Yana having some fun while sitting in the tree.  You can see all the woods in the background.  They have trails but we did not take advantage of them this go around.  Still was in the high 80's.  Little hot for hiking.  

Isn't this great!?  All these trees have tire swings on them and my kids are on every single one.  This is Alex, then Nik, & Alyona.  Yana is pushing Alyona down there in the background.  Picnic area is to the left of this.  All nicely shaded.  Just was really a peaceful time to just hang out and enjoy the simple things like an old tire and some rope for fun.

 Warren giving Nik a push.  My daredevil has to stand up of course. 

Nik, enjoying his ride while thinking to himself how he can manipulate the swing to go higher and faster.  For this kid, the higher the better.  

Just look at his face.  He is having so much fun.  He's enjoying last little bits of childhood for sure. He was almost too big for it.  He will be 13 in January.  For those considering adopting a child w/ limb differences, as you can see, it does not hinder them in any shape or form whatsoever.  

All in all, we did have a great time at the orchard.  It was the first time we'd ever been and we do plan on going back some time in the future.  With all ten kids.  Yep, lots of apple pies for sure.  Much to do today so need to get back to it.  Please, if you or anyone you know needs magazines, please click the sidebar.  HUGE selection and awesome prices.  Check it out for sure.  Only takes a second.  And do share the link.  Nothing going on today.  Can't wait to hear how Yana did on her first cross country meet ever.   Tomorrow is soccer practices and scrimmages.  Friday, 4 older kids head to the beach for the entire weekend with the youth group.  I'm totally jealous!  they'll have so much fun, I'm sure.  Might have to take the younger 3 somewhere after their soccer games on Saturday.  September is such a great time.  Really getting into the swing of things lately.  Love it.  Now, I need to go for a walk.  Enjoy your week.

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