Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple Orchard Visit (part II)

Time for part II of our visit to the orchard.  After we went out and picked our bushel of apples, we headed inside to pay.  But, before we paid, they insisted we try a free sample of the apple cider slushie.  Now, you all know our family has had a semi obsession with slushies this summer.  We all kind of thought this would be disgusting but willing to try it.   And, we did try it. 

Max was really positive he would not like this.  You can't see but it was gone in record time. He was a convert to apple cider. 

Bojan, Max & Yana enjoying their slushies on the front porch.  Must be nice to relax.  Relaxing atmosphere, isn't it?

Alex & Nik chilling with slushies as well.  Name of the orchard is above them.  Nice little place to check out.  Not overwhelming for my bunch which is always a great thing.  They truly enjoyed themselves.  

I think this picture should be titled wishful thinking.  It was a case w/ all kinds of goodies made of apples.  Apple bread, apple cakes, apple pie, and well, you get the picture.  No, we did not get any b/c we are going to make our own.  To much disappointment to Nik.  He thought he would get dessert right then and there. 

 Then, after our slushies and putting the apple pickings in the car, we headed out back for a picnic.  Max is our cooler carrier.  Nice having muscles in the group now.  Plus, I know he won't spill it. 

Sat down to eat a nice picnic lunch together in the shade.  Just was wonderful weather to do this.  Sandwiches, chips, grapes, & granola bars.  Water to top it off.  By this time, the slushies were well gone.  Too good to keep those around for long.  Really enjoyed our picnic there.  They were anxiously awaiting to do something right after this.  Any guesses?  That will be the next part of this installment of apple orchard posts.  

Soccer was canceled due to rain this evening so had time to catch up on some more items.  Some one came by and dropped off clothes for Alyona and her new sisters which was very thoughtful. Also, she dropped off a few orphanage donations.  Can't wait to put everything in the suitcases.  Kids did great with math this afternoon.  Had roast beef and baked potatoes for dinner.  Hit the spot on a rainy day for sure.  Got a lot done today and looking forward to tomorrow.  Taking the kids to story time at the church.  Back here for some lessons and lunch.  Starting on a lapbook tomorrow with them.  Hope it goes well.  After school, we're just going to hang out at home and probably kick the ball around.  Got a very, very busy weekend with the kids.  Lots going on but always a good thing.  We're ready for fall soon.  Ready to go camping.  Ready to eat outside again without sweating and getting eaten alive by misquitoes.  Ready to go hiking.  Ready to enjoy the breeze through the house with the windows open.  Yes, we still have a ways to go since we do live in NC and "fall" is not the same here as in some other areas of the country.  But, ready nonetheless. 

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