Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple Orchard Visit (part I)

This past weekend, I wanted to do something different w/ the kids.  So, decided to load them up and go to an apple orchard.  I want them to realize where food really comes from.  Not just put it in a grocery cart.  We went to an orchard that was about an hour and a half away.  Not too bad. 

Some of the kids getting ready to go.  Yes, Alex has a blanket on his lap.  With his one kidney deal, he seems to have temp regulating issues.  So, he freezes in the car.  So  does Alyona and Yana too.  Hence, why we always have blankets in the car.  You'll notice Alex also has a book.  He NEVER wanted to read last year for school.  This year, all over books.  Still shocked at what all he wants to do now.  

Here's a real "peach" in an apple orchard.   Isn't she cute?  That basket was just about as big as she is.  

 Yana and Alyona working together to get some good apples on the top.

One of the baskets.  Took the shot but we were not done picking.  We had two baskets full.  An entire bushel of apples!  Yes, we'll use them all.  Kids thought it was interesting that these did not have the wax on them like at the grocery store.  

Irina, showing off two of the apples she picked.  There were really some gorgeous apples.  We picked red delicious and golden delicious.  Pink lady's won't be ready till mid-September.  Did you know there are over 2500 variety of apples in the US?

 I know Warren will hate this picture but I like it.  Nik looks so content up there.

Bojan showing us the boys' collection of golden delicious apples.

Max looks completely thrilled, doesn't he?  Typical 16yo boy.  LOL.  No, he wasn't this way the entire time.  Actually, he really had a good time.  Oh, and if you've noticed, I have now officially given up on my kids having clothes that match when we go out in public.  I did for awhile but started losing my mind over it.  If they want to wear stripes w/ plaids, be my guest.  White after Labor Day... could care less.  There are far more important things to dwell on than the kids' fashion sense. 

Yana and Alyona trying to imitate the Twighlight series.  Though, Alyona is missing her apple.  Still pretty clever of them.  

Nik getting a boost from Dad.  Max is looking for some apples and I think Bojan is just being an observer at this point.  

This was all taken from outside and during our apple picking time.  Did not take long at all with the 9 of us picking.  Was a pleasant day too.  Nice fresh air and everyone was just relaxing and having a good time.  We were talking about apples and some apple facts as we went along.  I'll write more and have more pictures tomorrow.  Just wanted to share what we did this past weekend. 

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