Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apache Shields

Homeschool we were studying about Native Americans a bit before we dive into the New World Explorers.  Using the Homeschool in the Woods one his go around.  My kids are extremely visual so the hands on activities work really well for them.  I only wanted to touch on Native Americans.  With my kids and processing issues, I must keep everything very simple.  Not fill w/ a lot of details.  So, we did not go over all the different tribes and things.  Touched on Indian life, how they got here, etc.  We decided one day to make Apache Shields.  The real Native Americans used animal hides and things and berries to paint with.  We used canvas and paint in the supply closet.  I let them make their own designs.  The "littles" were here that day so participated as well. 

 The "littles" got straight to work.  My kids took a few minutes to really think about what they wanted their shields to look like. 

Only in homeschool can you wear slippers while studying art and history.  Alyona had a tough time deciding what she wanted her shield to say or represent.  

Nik starting on his shield.  Any guesses on what he's going to make?  

 Alex really got into this and loved to use the colors.  He said he needed to make his shield to scare away the animals. 

Any guesses now at what Nik has decided on?  Really, I thought it was quite clever the way he decided to make stars.  Frankly, I was just impressed that all worked together w/out screaming or fighting over who got what paint.  There were NO issues.  Shocking, I know.  They were all kind and they shared the paint.  Maybe it helped that I gave two trays this time.  LOL  I'm learning too.

Proud to be an American as usual.  Nik loves the American flag.  One day, I hope he learns the significance of it.  

 Alex was very proud of what he came up with. I think it turned out great.

Here's four of the 5 finished shields.  Alyona's wasn't up here when I took the pictures.  She decided on a butterfly with her name on it.  Our girlie girl for sure.  Was a nice little project for a nice day out.  Today is dreary and we're sticking inside today.  It's too muddy to even play on the swingset.  Right now, they're all doing workbooks.  I read to those who can't read this morning.  Getting ready to play "store" to teach about money.  Next history stop is the New World explorers.  We're also going to study the Wright Brothers at the end of October w/ a hopeful trip to the memorial and such in November.  Would love to camp there but we'll see.  We have neurology today which Warren took a half day to take Alex & Max to.  I pick up Yana and Yana is going out w/ a neighbor friend of mine to celebrate their birthdays.  They both have it on the same day.  The rest of us have Alex's soccer practice tonight.  They are having such a great time at Upwards soccer and learning so much.  Love it.  Tomorrow is the science and cooking clubs.  I am really glad I'm starting out slowly w/ my kids and didn't sign them up for a ton of things in the homeschool community.  I will sign them up for some classes in January for next semester.  But, starting slow was a good thing for us b/c gee whiz, they have enough other activities to keep them busy.  And me for that matter.  More to come.  I know I got 6 blog posts in yesterday but doubt that will happen today.  We really have a lot of ground to cover since tomorrow is story time and since Irina has an appointment at the doc.  Enjoy your day everyone. 

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