Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yes, it's a 100 out again

The triple degree temps are truly not getting to bother us any more.  Used to say stay in and watch movies but we really hate being couped up.  So, yesterday we decided it was high time the van got washed 100 degrees or not.

We went outside and I filled two buckets with water.  It's so hot we have to have people washing both sides at once as it dries so, so quickly.  Notice all the dirt?  Haven't had much rain.  Grass seems to be disappearing quickly around here.  Crazy.  Lack of rain and kids playing w/ outside toys tearing up the yard don't help much either. 

Of course you have to get the kids wet.  Makes for better workers.  LOL.  Actually, Nik asked to be sprayed.  Hey, it's over a hundred out. 

 Alyona didn't want to change. So, skirt it was.  Hey, it was too hot to really care about any of that stuff anyhow.

Nik, getting to be such a big boy.  He takes the implants off for activities like this so they don't get wet. 

 Nik and Alyona checking out what happens to the water after it runs off the car.  Most everyone is barefoot.  Again, it is a hundred out.  It was only after this that I realized Nik was dipping the sponge in the mud and then washing the van.  Yes, a bit counter productive for the rest of us actually washing the van.

 Max was the photographer.  He loves cars as we all know & takes pictures of various things so he can draw them later.  That is why I have a picture of the grill of my van.  LOL.

He also insisted I post this picture. No, he doesn't read the blog but he sees me picking out picture and made me promise him I'd post this one.  As he put it "mom, that's a cool action shot!  Look at the water."  So please, look at the water, not me throwing it.  

We actually had a decent time washing the van and they did a great job.  Today, we're going to wash the dogs.  Other than that, we really are just vegging out today.  Getting stuff done but we're not pushing it today.  Tomorrow, well, we're going to get down and dirty and get to work getting things done.  Today is one of those days when frankly, we're all just being lazy.  And everyone deserves a lazy summer day once in awhile.  Enjoy your day everyone.  Blast from the past post soon.  And, a few more updates soon.  I am just trying to get a few things done first.  Blog is definitely not the top of my to do list. 

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