Friday, August 26, 2011

What's wrong w/ this picture?

Well, time for another what's wrong w/ this picture post.  This time, I have 2 to share.  See if you can tell what the problem is.  This week I think it should be more appropriately titled gross pics. 

Yes, Yana would not enjoy me posting that picture.  Ahh, the prerogative of being a mom.  LOL.  Okay, apparently, someone left the subzero freezer open.  Therefore, everything in it defrosted.  Someone thinking they were doing the right thing, apparently closed the same freezer causing a refreeze.  Yes, the raw chicken juice had now refrozen & everything was stuck to it.  See, we didn't know this for a little while.  Why did we not notice?  Well, we have 2 full fridges in the house and this is our stocked spare.  However, it is also where Popsicles are kept so you can see how this happened, right?  We unplugged the freezer waiting to chisel out the meat.  Then, straight to the garbage it went of course.  Stinks b/c that was quite a bit of meat wasted.  URGHH!! I blame the Popsicle location.  BTW, Popsicles are now in the house.  Freezer, waiting to be restocked this coming week.  

What's wrong w/ this picture you ask?  Not too much except for the fact the boys thought they should bring it all into the house.  They love picking the cicada shells off the trees this time of year.  Save them in jars and make scary porch decor for Halloween.  This bonus for the boys was they found an old skull.  Lovely.  Boys love to be gross.  

Not much else going on here.  Preparing for the hurricane but nothing too dramatic.  Waiting for adoption stuff to just move forward.  Remember, in EE, they have August vacation and don't get back till September.  So, really ready to hear something next week on our case and hopefully, find out an exact court date soon.  Very ready for that.  

Locally, we have decided to sell pies.  Yep, homemade apple pies.  I'll have more about it for sure but pretty much for locals since it would be too hard to ship elsewhere.  Well, not hard but expensive to ship, I"m sure.  Checking into it though.  More to come on the pie selling next week.  

More going on but really need to finish up some things around here.  Kids have read this morning, done art, p.e., geography, and are now working on math.  Taking it easy this week since it is just week one.  Told them next week to be really ready to work.  They've already asked when the first field trip is.  I do need to go.  Since some of this is just review, they are okay on their own on this math.  Next week, I"ve got my work cut out for me.  But, we're ready.   More to share but for now, need to get stuff done. 

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