Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's wrong w/ this picture?

Okay, so I will never hear the end of it once this gets posted.  I'm taking a chance. 

I thought we all needed a little humor.  This one may get erased soon.  He was playing around w/ the kids and this is what happened.    They were trying to put together the ladder ball game that Alex was given for his birthday.  I think this is a sure sign my husband needs a break from Chaos Manor.  picture is so blurry b/c I had to snap it quickly.  Hey, you have to have a sense of humor in this house or you won't get very far.  

Not much else happening today.  Today is Thursday and we just have a lot of errand running to do.  Already got a true and accurate notarized at the bank.  It's sad when the people at the bank say "boy, you two sure look tired."  Umm, yep.  We sure are.  This week has been a tough one and we are in the lacking sleep department.  Hate it but know it's temporary so I shouldn't complain. 

Yana went to freshman orientation & of course is excited.  That will wear off quickly two weeks after school starts and the homework begins.  LOL.  She, Irina and Max will be going to Cleveland High School.  No, we are nowhere near Ohio. Our town just can't decide what to name itself.  And yes, I'm being serious.  Some call it Cleveland, some 40/42, some old Cleveland School, some Garner, some Clayton.  But, all of us call it home.  I always say 40/42.  Weird b/c you can say any of these names and everyone knows where you're talking about.  We all stopped by the dollar store to grab some gummy bears for a science experiment.  Since I told them we can't eat the gummies, I bought Reeces Peanut butter cups package.  $1 for 8.  We are home now taking a short break.  Start up some more school work in a minute and then we have to go take Yana to get pictures done.  Was going to take all of them to the park but that's a no today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Everyone is so funny b/c since it's not in the low 100's now, they all think it's in the 70's.  High 80's.  So, nice enough to go to the park and not burn your hands.  our local park has something for everyone.  Warren is off work tomorrow so he and I might do something.  For now, once we get some school stuff done, we need to get other things taken care of.  More to catch you all up on.  Will once not so many kids are up.  Have a wonderful week.  Normal pictures to come.  Again,not sure how long this picture will stay up as my husband may take it down quickly.  LOL. 

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