Monday, August 8, 2011

What's wrong w/ this picture?

Thought it would be interesting to share a random picture & pick it apart. 

Oh so many things we could point out that are wrong w/ this picture.  Besides the fact that my son doesn't match, seems to have a dirty shirt on, the main thing is he's drinking out of the milk jug.  The good news is it appears to be empty this time.  Did you catch the "this time" part?  There are dishes all over the counter and tire foam cleaner in the kitchen.  Why not put it next to the cantelope kids.  An empty soda can on the other side of the sink that is supposed to be in recycling.  Corn on the cob laying there instead of in the pan where it was supposed to be boiling.  And my notebook  that is never ever to enter the kitchen for obvious reasons is laying right there.    Not too bad though when you first look at the picture.  And hey, obviously if I were to really care about all this, I would have tidied up first  before taking said picture.  Just thought you'd get a kick out of Nik drinking from the jug.  

Pictures to come.  I've been lazy lately about taking pictures.  Plus, we have truly had a bunch going on.  I surely can't use that as an excuse b/c there is always something going on here.  Hoping for a semi-quiet week.  Though, as I look at the market tumble and the world falling apart w/ everything from wars to riots in London to famine in Africa to too many other things to name, I know it will most likely not be a quiet week here either.  I used to work for Merrill Lynch(brokerage firm).  Let's just say I'm thankful not to be in that line of work any more.  Especially, this week.  For now though, I have the ability to get some things done around this house, get organized and start homeschool w/ the three younger ones.  I have no right to complain not for one solitary second this week about anything.  If I do, slap some sense into me.  When you turn on the news and see all that is happening in the world, no matter how big you think your problems are, they probably pare in comparison with what is happening around you.  So though I thought the Tang spill was a big deal, I have no right to complain about that when there are people starving and dying out there.  Hoping I can convey this same message to my children this week.  Okay, need to go b/c there are some boys downstairs that seem to be creating problems of their own.

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