Friday, August 12, 2011

What are you hiding?

I know I recently posted about Digby but not about the puppies.  Of course, we can no longer call them puppies.  these are dogs for sure.  Yet, very mischievous still.

 Still mischievous indeed.  This is one of Warren's shoes.  Yes, it's destroyed.  Just like my shoes were destroyed right before our trip to EE.  We still have two very active chewers. 

 Yet, they try to hide like they did nothing whatsoever wrong.  This is Alaska hiding from that shoe.  Incidentally, she is also hiding the spot where she has slowly taken the stuffing out of this recliner.  Yana keeps sewing it back up but it's not holding.  By the end of the year, they'll be nothing to sit on but springs at this rate. 

This is "King Kota" as we call him.  Kota even has eyes that elude to the fact that he is trouble.  What's he hiding?  Nothing at the moment.  That's only b/c Max had just taken the socks he was chewing up away from him.  

Dogs are getting big but seem to have stayed at the same weight for awhile now.  Don't think they're getting much bigger.  Kota and Alaska are SO active.  We truly need a farm to let them run to their heart's content.  They get taken out enough for sure and walked.  However, they have that Australian Shepherd mix in them that says RUN.  And, when they see a door even cracked, they push their way through and bolt.  Kids go get them every time but it is truly frustrating.  Since we're planning on moving, not sure we want to fence in the old side that needs to be fenced in.  Yet, not sure we can even sell the house in this market.  Going to give it a shot regardless.  Meantime, dog issue is them escaping every chance they get.  

Dogs are all healthy and I do believe Digby got over the heart worms he may or may not have had when we adopted him.  He's lost a bit of weight too which is great.  He came to us on a diet strictly of table scraps and being tied up all day long.  So, this is a change for him to have all this freedom.  

Just wanted to let you know dogs are doing great and they really do help the kids.  Lots of love to go around.  Kota is still working on his attitude when new people come over.  Last party, he was able to be out the whole time.  Had NO issues whatsoever w/ any of the kids that were over.  Just one of the adult males.  And, they themselves have lots of dogs so he really paid Kota no attention.  Not sure if it's the scent of all the other dogs or what that makes him bark non stop.  It was during our pool party last weekend.  No issues w/ all the kids that came over.  And, there were 9 extra kids here.  Working on him slowly at big gatherings and when guests come over.  Alaska and Digby have no issues whatsoever w/ other people coming over.  

Got to go.  Going to Secretary of State's Office today for Authentications.  Wish us luck.  After that, picking up our receipts that we lost when we all got eye exams.  Then, I think Warren and I are going out for a late lunch together.  We have gift certificates from my parents earlier this summer.  And, since 3 of the kids are gone, should be fine.  Plus, I haven't let them play video games in forever.  If I say they can while we're gone,they won't move. LOL.  Want to do something w/ the kids tomorrow but not sure what.  Still thinking about it.  Well, enjoy your Friday.  More pictures and updates to come. 

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