Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weirdness continues

You know, since the earthquake in NC wasn't enough, we had to have other things happen here today as well.  An example:

 Vultures in our front yard!  Now, try that for a sight in the morning.  Sorry so fuzzy but took the picture through a glass window.

We were all glued to the little windows trying to sneak a peak.

You can click on the pictures to get a bigger view.  You should have heard the kids when they flew right toward us with wings spread wide open.  It really was cool looking.  We of course were looking for anything dead in our yard but couldn't find anything.  Maybe the turkey we threw out?  LOL.  It was entertainment for awhile if nothing else.  I had them all trying to guess that bird.  Guesses were eagle, hawk & vulture.  I honestly thought they were hawks at first.  Nope.  Vultures.  Yuck.  And two of them.  

Besides the vultures, we've been having humming birds non stop on the front porch.  So cool to watch and much less creepy than the vultures for sure.  Many more pictures to come tomorrow.  Kids had such a blast on the playground.  They really did enjoy the park as did I.  Just was too gorgeous a day for it.  Busy day tomorrow so calling it a night. 

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