Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend update

Well, thought it was time for a weekend update since I was kind of slack on posts.  Well, we'll start with Friday.  Yana had practice for cross country.  Then, she came home and left for a friend for the entire weekend.  Wahoo!!!  One down.  LOL.  She and a friend went to the friend's grandmother's house.  They have horses and some other things to do & I'm sure they'll go to the beach as it is not far away.  After that, Warren and I had to go pick up receipts from the eye doctor so we could file insurance.  Then, dropped off the FBI clearances for apostilling.  Noticed that the seal at the bottom is starting to come off the page.  Nice.  This should go over oh so well.  We'll see.  Adds a nice touch to the Tang tint. We'll find out Monday.

Next, Warren and I decide we should go out on a lunch date.  We had no kids w/ us.  Went to Red Lobster w/ the gift certs my parents gave us over the summer.  It was delicious and nice to be able to order whatever we wanted.  Nothing even spilled on the table.  Sad when a restaurant w/ many people in it is quieter than your own dining room table.  Very nice and relaxing lunch.  Headed back and went to Wally World.  See, the other day, a friend gave us a gift cert to Walmart and said to spend it on ourselves.  Her orders.  NOT the kids, NOT the orphanages, but you two.  Buy what you want or need.  We went into the store.  It is so hard believe it or not to get into that mindset that this is for us.  We kept saying "well, we really don't need that."  or "it can last a little longer."  Then, we got to thinking, this was her desire, her wish & after all she had done not just for us but for the orphanages, we felt we had to and needed to.

So, Warren asked, what is something that you've wanted for awhile.  I blurted out as fast as I could "bowls that match for everyone!"  See, in a big family, let's face it, it will be rare to have matching dinnerware.  You get what you can.  That, and most of the time they'll get broken.  Hence, why we have totally different plastic bowls.  I wanted real bowls, no plastic.  So, we went to housewares.  Umm, there are no 12 bowls anywhere.  Go figure.  Got four of them and would go back later.  I know this sounds so petty but I was excited about having matching bowls, not plastic ones, for breakfast.  We also got an iron b/c ours has been leaving black marks on clothing, leaks water

and has seen it's years.  Got a bookcase to put all the homeschool stuff on, a filebox, a pillow, doormat, a new rug runner (not dog chewed up), papasan chair and a few other things. It was nice I must say, to purchase some items that have been worn out here for awhile.  Plus, got to shop w/out kids so that was a treat too!

Went home and got the kids pizza.  Had free points so one free pizza.  We all just chilled out that evening and watched a movie.  Saturday, we got up and had a nice big breakfast.  All decided to go to the History Museum here at the state capital.  Only had 4 kids w/us so was quite different.  Learned a bunch for sure.  Came home and took Irina to spend the night w/ a friend.  Decided w/ only Nik, Alyona and Alex to go out to dinner.  Went to IHOP.  We typically don't go out to eat w/out gift certs or killer deals.  Well, only 3 kids w/ us we said let's do it.  Went and guess what?!  IHOP was having the kids eat FREE all of August deal.  Even a better choice for sure.  Came home last night and just vegged out w/ the kids.  Was nice.  Different w/ just 3 kids.  See, we've never had just three kids.  Went from zero to 2 from 2 to 4 from 4 to 5 and 5 to 7.  Now, 7 to 10. 

Today was Sunday.  Went to church for a nice service.  Sermon about compassion.  Found it difficult to have compassion for the puppies when I got home.  My sneakers and my flip flops and cables all chewed to pieces.  URGHH!!!  I know this is a short stage but it seems to be lasting forever.  It will slowly get better.  Slowly.   Max & Bojan came home and Nik & Irina left w/ their grandparents (Warrens' parents).  Yana had also come home today from being w/ her friend.  So, lots of coming and going for people today.

Trying to settle back into stuff.  Max built the bookcase for me and I'm starting to fill it w/ homeschool items.  Making plans for the week.  Want it low key as school for the others start next week.  Need to get back to routine.  And no, no one has called about the IEP's yet.  Lovely.  So much for central office being cooperative.  May have to take it up a notch to the DPI or maybe the OCR at this point.  Never dull.  More on all that later though.  Kids are watching Minute to Win It and I think we need to have a little competition here one of these days.  Would be a lot of fun.  More stuff in the works right now.  School starts soon, "littles" come back, homeschool going on, working on house, and much more.  Stay tuned for Manic Monday tomorrow. 

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