Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Upwards Soccer

My kids have all participated in Upwards basketball or cheerleading before.  However, this is the first year they wanted to try out for soccer.  Alex loves soccer.  I signed Alex, Alyona and Nik up for soccer.  Alex has practice on Tuesdays & Nik & Alyona on Thursdays.  Yesterday was their first practice.  Alex was so excited. 

 Alex listening and getting pointers from his coach.

 Alex and another teammate doing some practice drills.

Since the van had literally no gas in it & we were limited on time, Warren went to get gas while I stayed w/ the kids at practice.  He brought us back a nice surprise of sodas.  It was a hot practice & since right after the IEP meetings, did not have time to fill our water bottles up even.  This is Nik enjoying his soda while watching Alex practice soccer.

Nik playing on the playground at the church.  It's fantastic they can play while their sibs practice.  Love it.

Alyona also enjoying her time on the swings while there.  She and Nik can hardly wait till practice tomorrow.  It really was great.  Relaxing and not too long.  Still had to speed away to pick up Yana on time which was tough.  Fortunately, it's the last day we have to do that w/ this schedule.  

Glad Alex had a good first practice and enjoyed himself.  can't wait to see Nik & Alyona today in action.  Yana is at cross country right now.  Glad she's keeping up with it. More to come.   So much going on, I have to get the time to write about everything.  But, homeschool the kids during the day and activities after school don't leave a ton of time to blog.  Promise to catch up at some point.  Beautiful weather.  They always say it's the calm before the storm.  So far, Irene is staying on the same path & looks like the outer banks here will get the brunt of it.   We should just get the outer bands but that too can be dangerous.  Glad it seems to be staying east but someone just told me that it is starting to shift west now.  You just never know with these things.   And watching the news about it will drive you insane.  Yana's meet is still on.  Upwards stuff is canceled.  Got to go.  Need to put away the produce and get ready to pick up Yana and then go to soccer practice for Alyona and Nik.  After that, shoe shopping for some.  Home, sign papers, bed time, walk dogs and head to bed.  Somewhere in there snap shots of the house just in case.  Stay safe everyone and hope you all are soaking in the great last bit of summer as we are.

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