Thursday, August 18, 2011

Updates abound

Lots going on here as usual.  So figured I'd update.

Adoption front--  Waiting to hear from EE.  Ths country's process is much different than our previous adoptions with Russia.  Takes time.  Trying to be patient but as you all know, once you meet your kids, you just want them home to enjoy family life and experience new things together.  I figure we have way more than half this journey behind us so I should be super excited that there is an end in sight.  I believe the next step is to get some signatures from the MOJ.  However, I'm not positive on that as this is our first set of Bulgarian adoptions.  After that, then the judge assigns a court date.  After court, you then wait about 2 weeks to a month for them to process paperwork.  Then, you go to pick them up and bring them home!  That's.  Right now, we are in a holding pattern awaiting a court date.  See, in many EE countries, they take an entire month vacation for the month of August.  This country is the same way.  So, this is their vacation month and not much will happen in August.  That's why you can understand why I want September to come so quickly.  Sorry, no real new news.  One of our children to be has a birthday soon though I can't say when.  I know we can't celebrate together this year but reassuring that next year we'll be able to.  I think that is what keeps most adoptive families going...the thought of what's to come w/ their kids.  The fun times to share, the memories to make.

School-- All the teens are going to Cleveland High School this year.  And no, we don't live in OH.  We'll have 9th, 10th and 11th graders.  All have IEP's.  I was called this week by central office & they told me we'd meet soon.  I told them we need to meet before school starts for these 3 IEP meetings.  Shoot, Irina doesn't even have a schedule yet.  So, things need to be taken care of.  There were a lot of things hanging in the balance at the end of the year & we need resolution to some of those issues.  Irina now does not want to go there.  I told her give it a month as this is a less violent school than the last one she was at.  Hoping it will be good for her.  Max liked it.  Yana usually adjusts easily so not so worried about her and school.  Just her and focusing on school.  LOL.  Bojan will be going to middle school.  6th grade.  He now officially has no IEP.  He'll get his schedule this coming week.  At school.  He also will start band.  

The younger kids will be home w/ me.  That would be Alex, Nik & Alyona.  Nik will be back in speech therapy a couple times a week.  Alex will be in 4th grade and Alyona in 5th.  However, I've been giving them a few things to do here and there and realize just how far behind they are.  See, in school, they keep them on grade level despite them not being able to do on grade level work.  Part of the stupid no child left behind act.  Hate it but I won't get into it right now.  They just push them through.  That is why Alyona can not read but very simple sentences at 12yo and also can't do basic addition.  Alex is struggling w/ simple multiplication.  Was told last year he could do it.  Umm, no.  So, we are focusing on teaching them at where they are, not where they should be.  I want them to fully understand concepts and such.  Want them to enjoy learning and I hope we accomplish that this year.  Nik will be focusing solely on vocab.  

School pyschologist called today and asked if we still wanted Nik tested as it was in his IEP. I said yes.  Never hurts.  We also had a brief conversation of what may be available to him as a homeschooler.  Rules always change so checking it all out.  Happy though that they still want to cooperate.  That is a really good thing.  School starts for everyone next week.  I'm sure it will be like waking the dead the first week though.  No more sleeping in.
Dogs-- Digby is great as usual.  Pups are still escaping though less.  Another pair of my sandals became victims to Kota.  Now, why did we crate them this past time when that happened?  Well, besides the fact that we have no crates right now, MY KIDS WERE HERE!!!  I was not happy.  Alex, Bojan and then Kyle were here.  So, Alex and Bojan just let the dogs chew up sandals, a hat, and some other stuff.  Why you ask?  Because they were so intrenched in a video game.  URGHH!!!  So, no video games for the rest of August.  I can't believe they did that though.  I really can't.

Medical-- nothing to report at the moment.  Everyone is healthy which is fantastic!  No checkups due, no appointments coming up.  All shots up to date.  Very thankful.  Hoping to keep everyone super healthy so when we bring the new kids home, we'll be able to address doc appointments w/ them and get them the necessary vaccines they need.  That and eyes checked for sure.  Just glad for now our family is healthy.

Me-- what's going on with me?  Well, I'm trying to learn a little more Bulgarian and a little more ASL.  Working on it every night.  I like to be able to speak at least a little bit when we pick up our kids.  We did the same all the times we went to Russia.  Helps the kids feel a little more at ease.  And of course ASL is for Nik.  The big news or at least for me, is I"m joining jazzercise.  See, I got this promotional card in the mail.  You know the ones.  Join and will wave this or that fee.  Well, this one seemed a bit different.  Never hurts to call.  It is actually a 12 week program geared to weight loss.  You agree to take a before and after picture...yikes!....and you get the fees waved for a bunch of the stuff.  You have to meet certain criteria which I did.  I'm thrilled b/c I need this for sure.  I"m one of those people who if I have an appointment and schedule, I'll go.  If left on my own...well, anyone's guess.  This holds accountability & you'll work w/ a nutritionist as well.  It is supposed to start this coming week.  I'll do a Flabulous to Fabulous post every Friday and at the end, gulp, show you the before and after pictures in hopes that I will have lost some.  Time will tell.  I need this though & truly am looking forward to it.  I really can not wait.  They have flexible times too.  The new me in 12 short weeks. 

More to come. 

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