Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Wow, I don't think I've done this for a few weeks.  Crazy.  It's high time I recognize the thoughtfulness going on in this house.  See, for those new here, this is when I recognize what thoughtful thing each child has done during the week.  With multiple children w/ mental and behavioral issues such as FAS, it is easy to forget this sometimes.  This is a way to remember.  Hope I can remember anyway.

Irina-- She knows I've been trying to get the house organized and ready for school.  She did all the laundry w/out me even asking just to help out.  Thought that was thoughtful of her. 

This is Max pushing all the kids on a playground.  Max is such a great young man when it comes to helping not just his siblings but others too.  He was helping other kids on the playground that needed it too.  Very thoughtful Max.

Yana-- Yana knows Irina got called retarded last year at school and picked on.  Well, this year Irina is going to Cleveland w/ the rest of her sibs in high school.  Yana said "don't worry Irina.  If anyone picks on you, I've got your back."  Sometimes they don't get along but this time she was thinking of her sister for sure.  Nice, very nice.  

Bojan-- I don't know why but I had trouble with this one this week.  I think it's middle school attitude.  LOL.  But, Bojan too is just as thoughtful this week.  He was really willing to pitch in and help the other kids clean up when he was done with his part.  Very thoughtful to extend a helping hand to someone else. 

Alyona-- Alex really wanted to learn to make tea the other day.  So, Alyona was teaching him!  She volunteered to teach him when Alex asked.  Thoughtful of her.

Alex-- Alex saw Alyona struggling with the sweeping job on the porch the other day.  So, he volunteered to help her out.  

Nik-- He drew a picture for his friend Ava and sent it in the mail.  It was the cutest thing. No address on it so figured mailman would leave it in the box but they took it & Nik was jumping for joy!  Thought for him to think of his friend.

Take time out to notice, even if it is something small, what thoughtful things your children are doing.  Yes, even with RAD, FAS, PTSD, ODD, ADHD, and everything else, they WILL do something thoughtful each and every week.  You just have to notice it.  Your kids really will appreciate the recognition.  

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