Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Supporting our sister

As most of you know, Yana is now doing cross country.  I think it's great.  Can't wait to go to the first meet.  Well, the other day, she had pictures.  We decided to wait because we assumed it would be short.  No.  It wasn't.  But, we're there to support her as a family.  So, we waited.

 Yana, getting ready for pictures that day. 

Alyona found a comfy spot to sit in the shade.  Did I mention it was hot out?  

Alex, not wearing his cooling vest.  URGHH!  He kept complaining it was hot.  Hard for him to do hot days but he manages.  He found some shade too at the concession stand.  Found out it would cost us $60 to go to ONE high school football game.  yikes! I was hoping to go.  When I grew up, the games were FREE and you paid for concessions sold by the booster clubs.  Now, it's $5 a head to get in.  Would be nice if we could have supported the local teams but $60 is something we can't swing PER game.  Hoping her meets are free or we're in trouble.  

Nik, all smiles.  Of course.  This kid almost always smiles.  This school & everything is brand new.  Opened last year.  In this area, they are always building new schools but never factor in community growth.  It's ridiculous b/c the kids in this area tend to be constantly changing schools.  

Irina, Alyona and a friend.  Alyona was goofing off making rasberries.  Nice kiddo.  It's nice that my kids can go and support their sister w/ minimal complaint.  Hey, we were all sweating by the end.  So, we went home but first stopped off for some soda to enjoy once home.  We all voted and thought we deserved it.  LOL. 

Yana in her cross country uniform.  So, we will all go to her meets to support her just as we went to all the Upwards games for the younger kids.  Will be interesting to see her run.  She has committed herself to this team and so glad she's following through.  Yana seems to be enjoying it.

Updates coming tomorrow on a bunch of items.  Just been a bit busy lately for sure. More to come tomorrow on many things.  I totally missed a manic Monday update.  Updates tomorrow. 

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