Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer learning

And who says kids can't learn anything over the summer?  Yes, we did have our summer days but some days we'd break up the boredom by pulling out kits, etc. and work on them. 

 I collect kits throughout the year and use them as boredom busters over the summer.  This one was about growing crystals.  This is when they were all getting started on it.  I convinced them to read directions first. 

 I love them looking so studious and ready to learn. 

Alyona taking a magnifying glass.  You had to soak the rocks for a few days in a solution and wait for the crystals to grow.  Loved how Max was reading directions.  Trust me, this man hates to read directions.  We all know how men are with directions.  Sorry for the men reading this but been my experience here.

Nik, sporting the safety goggles.  No, you really didn't need safety goggles for this but comes w/ the kit and anything in these kits the kids think they must use.  

All are so intently involved in this project.  We waited a few days, checked for the blue crystals and they were there.  Talked about it for a bit.  

We've also done a little on CPR as I had received a free CPR kit from some local wellness fair.  Came w/ the dvd and how to do it.  It's this blow up dummy.  Interesting.  That's for sure.  Let's just say if any of you have a heart attack in front of my kids, I'm not so sure they're up on procedure yet.  They're still in the learning phases of it.  But, they have the general concept down and that's what counts.  Trying to work on basic safety stuff like the Heimlich for choking and such.  Asked my kids what to do if someone is choking before we talked about it.  Their answer "slap them on the back!"  Again, still learning all the maneuvers.  Usually here it's not discussed in the public schools till around middle school I believe.  I think it's important for them to know when they're young as well.  Kind of like a mini babysitting class type of thing.  Hey, it's something to learn and an awesome boredom buster.  

More to come.  Still wanting to change things up on the blog a bit but have to wait till Warren comes home.  Hey, I'm not that tech savvy.  He is gone picking up Irina and Nik from his parents' house.  Can't wait to see them.  It is really weird not having all the kids home at once.  Good for them to visit family but still miss them when they're gone.  We are to get back on a school schedule.  Soccer starts this week.  Yikes!  Going to miss Bojan's open house which is okay.  We're way to familiar w/ the school anyhow.  Not too worried, just need to get his schedule.  We're figuring out open houses, soccer practices, cross country practices, & bus pick up times to name a few.  Going to be a very busy week this coming week as the school year begins for all my kids.  It's time though.  We've had a great summer but we're all ready for fall.  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  It is sunny here and in the 90's.  We've cleaned up the yard a bit & tomorrow will finish it up.  We want this to be a super low key weekend b/c it is our last "free" weekend until November!  Just saying that sounds insane.  But, after the slow summer days, it's time for fall sports and activities.  Kids have parties, beach trips(remember, live in NC & hot throughout October), soccer games, cross country meets, band practices, Halloween, youth group activities, camping, hiking, etc. 

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