Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaking up an IEP meeting

Well, today was rather busy.  It's Tuesday, btw.  First off, I took the kids to the park when my sister inlaw stopped by.  8 of them went to the park w/ us.  It was such a beautiful day, how could we not go to the park?  Came home and then had a quick lunch.  Realizing at that time, we picked the wrong time this week to defrost the freezer as we somehow forgot to restock the freezer.  LOL.  Kids & I open the fridge & soon realize it is Ramen Noodles for lunch today.  See, a few days ago, we had to empty the entire freezer in the garage.  We have 2 full sized refridgerators in our kitchen.  1 sub zero freezer in the garage which we put all our meat in and such.  We needed to defrost it badly.  Did that and only ended up having to throw a few items out.  Not bad.  However, we forgot to reload it.  So, time to go the grocery store again.  Hey, kids were excited for the Ramen Noodles b/c I usually don't let them have it.  I have to admit, it was good. 

Anyhow, after lunch, Warren came home & he and I went to the IEP meetings together.  Not too long after the meeting started, we had the earthquake.  Went outside b/c we were really feeling it in the school and let's just say nothing in NC is built to code for shaking a building.  Went back in after a few comments and calls and back to work.   I think it broke up the meeting somewhat.  We got a lot accomplished and I think everyone here had better attitudes than our experience last year w/ the other high school & middle school.  We agreed to change some of Irina's classes, have her report to someone each week to make sure no more violence is going on in the school, make up job hours, and encourage her a bit for a successful year.  Max.  Max is now in 9th grade again, not 10th.  He failed math last year.  It is required.  You must fail it twice before they'll give you a waiver & you STILL have to take teacher standards & pass it.  IF he does not pass this semester, we will seriously look at changing him to the OCS track w/ Irina.  However, we all want to really give Max a shot.  He's a smart kid despite the FAS and severe learning disability.  We have adjusted his schedule to try to make accomadations and get help for math.  So, he'll keep weightlifting but lose his art class which he really wanted.  However, they have agreed to let him going during lunch to the art room since it is a release of sorts for him.  Also, they may look at having him help w/ the school mural.  That would be awesome.  They will keep a close eye on Max and give us reports as well.  Yana will keep on the academic track for the time being.  She is being given all teacher handouts w/ notes as her severe CAPD will surely get in the way.  She is extremely behind on reading level.  We are not sure she'll be able to handle regular ed classes but we're all giving it a shot.  Good thing is, she's motivated to try.  Bad thing is, she's distraught when she can't do it.  Working on a solution and teachers & us will have communication throughout.  The one thing I don't want though is for them to "give" her a grade.  They've done that before & it doesn't help the student in the long run.  We'll be testing her at home also.  So, again, we've made adjustments to their IEP's.  We'll be meeting on Yana's evals some time this month.  It will be interesting to see what those read.  Overall, we were pleased w/ how it turned out & how professional everyone was w/ out being overbearing.  Hopefully, we'll have a successful academic year. 

After the meetings, came home & went to the bank, drop off donations of household items, and then to Wally World for cheese to make some homemade pizzas.  Then, off to soccer.  Was such a beautiful day for soccer.  This was Alex's practice.  From there, pick up Yana from cross country.  Then home, make more pizza, eat cake & Irina spending the night w/a friend.  Good day overall and not a whole lot of drama except for that unusual earthquake here.  Tomorrow is just as busy.  Pictures in the next post for sure.  Just wanted to update on successful IEP meetings for once.  Though our kids have multiple learning disabilities, we try to put them on the regular ed path whenever possible & glad the school wants to attempt to do the same.  School starts Thursday for the big kids.  Can't believe it's here already.  But hey, with fall, comes our new kiddos so we are ready for Fall.  Bring on the cool weather, the sports activities, the day trips, the playing outside, the baking, the camping  and of course our new family members coming home!  We're ready to take it all on.  Ready for a successful school year for both homeschoolers and high schoolers.  Stay tuned for more from Chaos Manor.  Need pictures for sure! 

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