Friday, August 26, 2011

Playground pictures

The other day, it was gorgeous out.  My sister in-law stopped by & we took the 8 kids here to the park.  It was too beautiful not to.  Thought I'd show a few pics from the other day.  You know, to remember the sunshine before the trerential rains start from Hurricane Irene today and tomorrow. 

 Nik, enjoying his view from the top of the world.  Well, in his eyes.

Irina, taking a break.  BTW, things are finally starting to turn around for her and I'll have a post on that soon. 

Alyona stopped long enough for me to snap a shot.  This thing really makes you dizzy.  Doesn't stop my kids though.  

Alex, showing us his skills of going across the monkey bars.

Okay, this thing spins so fast and they were laughing so dog gone hard.  Should have video taped it.  They could not get enough.

 Boys taking a break from all that spinning.

You may not be able to tell from this picture, but he was white as a ghost.  Totally pale.  Remember that human centrifuge contraption?  The ones my kids would not stop going on?  See, many of my children have sensory integration issues.  They can spin forever and not get dizzy.  Trust me, other parents on the playground notice.  LOL.  Well, their bodies can only take so much.  So, Alex, Bojan, and Nik felt like they would throw up at any moment.  None of them did but you could tell it was a close one.  

We had such a great time at the park that day.  It really was just a beautiful day to go.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.  It's hard to take one when they're spinning so fast.  

There may not be as many posts this weekend.  Depends upon the hurricane & what exactly it does here.  All sporting activities are canceled for tomorrow.  Hurricane is supposed to come on shore some time around 9am.  I call not it for letting the dogs out tomorrow morning.  LOL.  Got to go.  I'll try to do an update post very soon on a few items. 

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