Thursday, August 11, 2011

Orphanage donations--- update

Thought it was high time I update how the orphanage donations are going.  They're going great but we have WAY more to go to fill up the two suitcases we want to fill up. 

Now, I had received $185 worth of donations to spend strictly on the kids.  I took $85 the other day b/c I hadn't received any girlie things, I decided to purchase some.  This is what $85 got me believe it or not.  Make up is not cheap, even at Walmart.  But, this little bit will go an extremely long way over there.  Hoping we get some more girlie donations.

Now for what we've received so far as school supplies go... a bunch!  People have been fantastic about the crayons and markers.  I am so thrilled b/c I can not wait to give them these crayons and markers and construction paper.  I currently have half a suitcase full of donations of crayons, markers, paper, pencils, colored pencils.  That is a lot.  There are a couple of puzzles.  I still have yet to pick up the donations at our local donation site. And, Warren has to pick up some items from work.  I do believe we'll have enough to fill one suitcase.  Would love to get some puzzles, games, etc. for the other suitcase.  I'll have to take a picture of the one suitcase we have so far so you can see.  Being able to color during winter time will be a wonderful thing for these children.  I thank you so much for all the school supply donations to the children of Bulgaria.  We are still collecting till the end of August.  I also know many, many stores are having items for 1 cent, 20 cents, etc.  A dollar can go a LONG way.  And locals, I can easily pick it up for you. Not a problem at all.  Feel free to spread the word.  Thanks to everyone who is making this possible.  Being able to help contribute to the development of a child is priceless.  Allowing them to use their minds and get creative is so helpful to them. 

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