Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nik's makings

I know I usually do Max's makings but thought it was time to showcase something Nik does.  Though, I know I show his drawings.  He hasn't drawn all summer.  But, doesn't mean Nik hasn't made anything.

 This is Nik w/ one of his creations he made out of kinex pieces.

He told me he made a wheelchair.  I said stroller and he said no.  Wheelchair.  So, not sure why as Bojan hasn't been in a wheelchair for a long time.  But, I thought it was pretty clever.  He sized it just for the doll.  Nik is definitely following in his brother's footsteps.

Today is Tuesday.  We've been home.  Did some school w/ the three younger ones.  Then, Yana and her friend wanted to study so they did.  I guess it was contagious.  LOL.  Poor Warren has had a rough, rough night.  He had to go into work in the middle of the night.  Got home at 4:10 am.  Left at 6 something to take Yana to cross country.  I didn't even know he'd left.  So, long day for him for sure.  He's leaving work now and kids & I made baked meatballs for dinner.  Hoping he can join us.  I was supposed to go to a mandatory parents' meeting tonight.  Umm, if Yana does not tell me till the night before, I can not make it.  Wrote the coach explaining my daughter a bit.  Told him from here on out I need a hard copy schedule please.  

Cross country will be interesting.  Glad she joined but trying to figure out this whole schedule mess.  Like me trying to pick her up when I still have to be at home for when my friend comes to pick up her daughter.  At the same time. It's going to get interesting is all I'm saying as her entire schedule seems to conflict w/ everything we do or have planned for September and October.  URGHH!!!  I don't want to decide to have to pick one kids' activities over another.  I've always managed not to have to do that in the past.  This year, that may have to change.  See, we're adding in sports from school for the first time this year.  New territory for us.  Sports in the past have been either YMCA or Upwards.  Like I said, nothing about her joining as I think it's fantastic and we have encouraged this.  However, now having to really think about things in advance.  We want to be able to see her in some meets.  Giving it time to work it all out.  Mean time, still need to sign up the 3 youngest for soccer.  Trying to decide on Upwards or a special needs team.  Have to decide this week so I can sign them up.  

Just got to get stuff done this evening.  Yana goes to practice bright and early tomorrow.  Pick her up and then she and Irina are going to go w/ their friend shopping.  I have the "littles" tomorrow.  But, not till 10:15.  So, going to be a busy day I'm sure.  I was originally going to go a few places but w/ the 5 I'll have, I'm going to say no.  LOL.  Tomorrow night, is orientation for Bojan.  He's not here.  So, not going.  I"ve been to this middle school enough times.  I know how it works.  I'll pick his schedule up sometime next week.  No biggie.  Thursday, is going to be nutty.  Yana has practice and then orientation till noon.  Pick her up and then they want pics at 2. Just a lot of back and forth.  Just also hard I guess for me to want to take them to the schools that I can not really stand them going to.  BTW, IEP people still have not called me back.  Someone in central office said they'd also sit in on the meetings.  Depending day of meeting, an outside doctor would like to sit in too.  Keep you posted.  

Got Bojan's trumpet.  Can't wait to see his face when he sees it!  I do hope he enjoys band.  Yana has really taken to cross country.  I want that same passion for Bojan and music.  Bojan is the only one of our kids that can carry a tune.  Not pushing.  Just encouraging and hoping for the best.  We dont' force our kids to do one activity or another.  But love it when they find their "niche."  Much more going on these next couple of weeks and do promise an update at some point.  Have a wonderful week.

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