Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A new start

I thought it was time to give you some pictures of our kids & their new starts this year.  I haven't taken them all yet.  I know, I'm a slacker.

This is Nik.  He made the sign to represent his first day of 2nd grade.  Oh the things he'll learn this year.  We are concentrating solely on vocabulary & phonics.

 Alex on his first day of 4th grade.  If you look at the 4, you can tell we have processing issues.  The way he visualizes things is even different.  Working on it all this year.  He told me he really wants to learn multiplication.  And he said he wants to learn about guns.  Okay.

Alyona on her first day of 5th grade.  She is desperate to learn how to read.  That's all she wants to be able to do.  Poor kiddo.  We're going to work on that for sure.  

Bojan on his first day of middle school.  He is going to the public school for now.  Not sure how long I'll keep him there.  Bojan is in 6th grade this year if you can believe it.  He's looking forward to band and still is into Egyptian culture.  

That was 4 of them.  The teens get up too early.  LOL.  I am going to get a picture though of them.  So much to learn this year.  I will do a separate homeschool post and let you know what we are doing and intend to do.   Today was an absolute nightmare of a day but I know it can always get worse.  Just seems like a day that doesn't end.  Ever have one of those days?  Alex had soccer practice tonight & Yana cross country.  Many more updates about what's happening w/ the house (yes, we're staying), kids, homeschool, and more.  Just super duper busy this week so forgive the slackness of writing.  Just blog is a backseat as you can imagine.  Family is a bit more important than this thing. LOL.  We're all doing well, just busy which we totally expected this time of year.  I will have time to catch up this Labor Day Weekend and intend to.  For now, got to go. 

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  1. Hey Stephanie,
    Saw your comment on Alyona and thought I should tell you about how we do reading at our house. We use a set of workbooks called Programmed Reading and I believe anyone can learn to read with these things. I have kids with CAPD, FAS, bipolar, general learning deficits from all sources (prenatal drug/alcohol exposure, prematurity, ADHD, malnutrition, neglect/abuse) and they do as well as my other children. You can find these materials here http://www.phoenixlearningresources.com/Programmed_Reading-d-list.aspx I read about these YEARS ago in a book about a homeschooling family. All 6 of my children have used them...everybody at their own pace. 23 workbooks, supposed to take you up to around a 6th grade reading level. Don't know what we would have done without them.