Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Need a hero-- another blog

I've followed the story of Anya as I'm sure many of you have over the years.  I know different sets of people read different blogs.  Maybe there is one reader here who has an idea of how in the world to get Anya home.  For those that don't know, Anya was shot this week in the leg at point blank range.  Looking like she may have an infection.  Doc in Kemerovo is doubtful she'll ever use that ankle again.  Now, many of you know in EE, if you're even mildly disabled, it is a death sentence.  This family has been trying to get Anya reunited w/ her sister who was adopted by Keri years ago.  They have been trying for years to get her home.  This child is likely to die if she is not brought home to the States.  Family is looking for any and all suggestions, contacts, etc.  You can read more on their blog:  http://creatingmyownlittlenirvana.blogspot.com/

Thanks for looking.  More to come later.  sorting out some homeschool stuff and really need to get it done. 

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