Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday

This is truly a manic Monday.  This is going to be one busy week for sure.  We had a really decent weekend though.  Saturday  we spent inside all day long due to the hurricane.  Did not pack any punch which is wonderful.  We were able to accomplish so, so much.  Cleaned the entire house, sorted out closets and even made stuffed peppers for dinner.  Then, watched a movie.  Since all the kids events were canceled, we got to really enjoy an unexpected day off from having to be somewhere.

Sunday came and we went to church after I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  Love fresh blueberries.  Going to miss all that summer fruit soon.  After church, came home and had some lunch.  Relaxed a bit and then took the older 4 to youth group outing.  Dropped them off and Warren & I took the younger 3 to Target to get the last of the school supplies.  Decided on an impromptu dinner w/ the 3 youngest.  Enjoyed their company & they were fantastic.  Asked all of them what they wanted for Christmas.  Just one of those curiosity questions.  Got interesting.  Alyona said she wanted a laptop and an alarm clock.  I told her good luck w/ that. LOL.  Alyona wants a laptop b/c her brother Max bought one w/ his money recently.  Alex said he wanted $20 for Christmas.  I asked what he was going to do with that then.  He said "don't you remember? I'm saving for college!"  He was serious too.  Kind of came as a shock though.  Nik wanted a small remote control car.  Apparently, they have these really small remote control cars now that he & Warren saw in Walmart one day.  Just thought it was really fun to see what they were into this year.  Still stunned that the lists weren't a mile long.  But, then again my kids have always been that way.  Love that about them.

We picked the older kids up & ended up staying awhile.  Everyone had a blast.  Yana fell out of the canoe.  Max caught a fish.  Nik loved the giant tree swing.  Alyona tried her first time at fishing.  Everyone enjoyed themselves for sure.  I must say the youth at our church are really great and so glad they accept my kids for who they are.  Makes a big difference.  Came home and tried to settle them down for school.  Was no easy task.

Today is Monday.  I have to homeschool the 3 kids and watch 2 "littles" today. Just came back from walking the dogs w/ all five of the kids.  Let's just say that walk was not our usual long walk to the duck pond.  All in all though, they did well.  Now, after Popsicles, time to do worksheets. 

Let's see.  What does this week bring?  Hopefully, news of a court date.  No idea but one can have wishful thinking, right?  Otherwise, quiet on the adoption front.  School is in full force w/ this being the first full week for everyone.  Yana still has cross country this week.  Everyday.  Alex has soccer on Tuesday.  Nik & Alyona have soccer on Thursday.  Rest of the week brings typical stuff.  Warren is on the hunt for shoes.  See, they stopped making the only pair of shoes he ever wears.  Made by Reebok.  So, on the hunt for those.  Errand running needs to be done but that really is no big deal.  Contractors are coming to the house on Wednesday.  More on that in another post.  We will be here long term.  Though not in the plans, the economy is such that the sale of this house would be near impossible.  So alternative plans are being made. 

I'm making more plans of how we're teaching these three.  Getting Nik's speech therapy set back up.  Making appointments for everyone.  The week is booming w/ things we're going to get done.  Also, in September we'll be taking more day trips and such.  Not sure what we'll do this weekend w/soccer and all but plan to do something.  Long weekend.  The following weekend, Yana has an away cross country thing in Wilmington.  Irina, Max & Bojan are going to the beach with the youth group at church for the entire weekend.  3 younger ones have soccer games.  So, next weekend is definitely busy. 

Working on cleaning up the yard some more from remnants of the hurricane.   Nothing major which is fantastic.  Planning to sell pies.  Getting that together.  Can not wait!  Also, planning to have a gold party at some point in the future.  So, lots to do and prepare for.  But, it's all good stuff so I can't complain a bit.  It's neat going to the activities again for the kids after having the summer off to recoup.  Halloween will be here before we know it.  Well, need to go.  Hoping for a boring week.  I'll have to post some more pictures soon.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week and fared well in the storm.

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  1. So glad to hear that the hurricane didn't cause any problems for you!