Monday, August 1, 2011

Manic Monday

My, what a weekend.  Thanks for all the sweet thoughts on my previous post about sacrificing.  I'm okay.  I am.  I think it just hit me that day I wrote that post.  Yet, so many wrote saying they have similar things to deal with as well.  Good post for all I believe as there have been times in our lives where we've all had to sacrifice something.  Onto other things. 

Sunday.  Went to church and then dropped Irina off afterwards for her Missions Week.  They are staying at the church this year and serving the local communities.  I think it is wonderful.  Can't wait to hear how her week goes.  After church,we went to Sam's for our monthly grocery trip.  Amazing that you can offer a kid a piece of bread dipped in spaghetti sauce & they think it is good as gold & you offer them the same at home & I'm sure they would have thought I was nuts.  I hate those sample stands.  They just eat up time.  Went home and ate lunch.  Late lunch.  Warren took Kyle to a bank to make a deposit and I took Yana and Bojan to the doctors.  See, Warren and I take turns taking the kids to the doc.  Asked Warren if this counted as two visits for me.  He laughed.  Umm, no dear.  Bummer.  Yana got her physical for cross country.  Healthy as anything.  Knew that.  Bojan.  Bojan has a fungal infection on his stump that will take weeks to get better.  Lovely.  Doc reiterated to him the importance of good hygiene.  He has cream to put on it 3 times a day and other protocol to follow.  Anyone know if you can bleach a liner?  We're calling today to find out.  We've cleaned it, lysoled it, etc. but not sure if bleach will break it down or not.  Other than that, kids are doing fine.  I was sick last evening.  Well, all night actually.  Miracle I can even think straight today.  Seems like it was 24 hour bug which is great.  Better today, just super tired. 

Yana started cross country today and LOVES it!  Really happy for her and proud that she is going to see it through.  Working on getting Bojan his trumpet for school.  Getting it off ebay.  We've looked all over locally for a used one but not happening.  Yana, Bojan and Irina will also be doing youth group at church every week.  Alex, Nik and Alyona will most likely participate in Upwards Soccer this fall, starts in September.  See, last year, my kids to a much needed break from activities.  This year, we're ready to all get back in the swing of things for sure. 

I'm still getting all kinds of homeschool stuff together for the 3 youngest.  In addition, trying to get someone to set up IEP's.  This will get interesting to say the least.  Called the school, wrote the school, now wrote the head of the EC department for the county today.  I will not, will not, let the three teens fall through the cracks & this county will listen or I will bring in the OCR.  I am done playing games.  Enough about that.  For those new here, we've been in a constant battle w/ IEP's for our kids for over 12 years.  It's never easy.  Not even one easy year out of those 12.  Praying this will be the "easy" year and everyone will play nice and cooperate.  Time will tell. 

So much else happening here.  Let's see...oh yeh, got a court date today!  We have court in about a month and a half.  Don't have exact date yet.  I"m thrilled.  After court, we travel anywhere from 2 weeks to a month later to pick them up.  Looks like we'll be traveling in October.  So much to do, so little time. Isn't that always the case.  Much more to come.  And no, I haven't forgotten about that RAD post.  I honest to goodness am just trying to keep my head above water right now and figure out a solution to the fees due issue.  I have so many to write back and promise I will.  Roasted chicken in the over w/ stuffing. Yum.  More to come so stay tuned.

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