Monday, August 8, 2011

Manic Monday & proud moments

Been a busy weekend for sure but not too bad.  Friday we mostly cleaned up.  Later that evening we went to a dinner at church and to pick up Irina of course.  She was away at church for the week for Missions Week.  While there, we heard nothing but compliments on Irina.  We also heard compliments on Max when he worked the one day w/ them as well.  We heard Irina was working like crazy and not stopping.  That she came out of her shell.  She was very welcomed there and did fantastic. Apparently, the crew leaders would argue as to who would get Irina on their team as she was such a hard worker.  It was very, very reassuring to hear.  Made us proud of her for sure.  Irina said she wants to participate in youth group more this year and go for the next Missions Week.  Max also now wants to participate in Missions Week next year.  After dinner and a presentation, we were getting ready to leave.  They asked us if we wanted some leftovers and we said sure.  Had no idea we'd be blessed with that much food!  It was unreal and very appreciated.  Van was full of leftovers that will definitely get eaten at our home.

Saturday, we just hung out in the morning.  Lunch time we had our FAS support group pool party here.  There was even a new family that came to learn about FAS and such b/c they suspect their son may have it as well.  It was wonderful b/c adults could chat inside and kids could swim outside.  If you've seen our home or the pictures, you know the dining room over looks the pool w/ a row of windows.  Can see all.  Just was great to be able to talk while the kids were playing outside or upstairs.  All the kids did wonderfully.  Could not have asked for better.  Company and food were wonderful.  Have even talked about doing this again sometime as you can use the pool here till the end of October typically.

After the party Saturday, we took the kids to Walmart.  There were 9 that went w/ us.  Older ones of course are allowed to look on their own. Max bought a computer.  A laptop.  He's been saving up and this was tax free weekend to boot.  I'm very proud b/c he had a goal to save this money and stuck to it.  Really showed some maturity in the decision making process as well.  Just thought it was worth mentioning as FAS kids struggle in this area greatly.  Max was beaming w/ his first big purchase of saved up money.  He's learning.  he really is.

The real trouble we had was w/ Alex.  Total meltdown.  See, Alex does NOT understand money at all.  He still thinks that magic debit card is never ending supply of money.  Hence, why he doesn't have one.  Well, that and he's 11.  Alex thought he could buy a Walmart MC for $3 and then in turn buy other items.  We explained how all this work but by this time of night, his thought processes are toast.  He couldn't take it any more.  Meltdown. Mostly crying and just totally confused.  Yes,he'll be working on math quite a bit w/ me this year.  Funny as the schools told me he understood math.  Ha!  I want them to come w/ me and explain math as Alex is having a meltdown in the middle of the check out lane.  Anyhow, had Alex go w/ one of the other kids and get his focus off the cards in the checkout aisle.  Left WallyWorld and went to try to pick up a movie we've all wanted to see...Soul Surfer.  At Redbox.  They were out of course.  No fear, it was still really hot out and hadn't had slushies for quite some time so slushies it was.  Unexpected treat and at .69, you get out cheaper than ice cream or any other stop for that matter.  Headed home and got everyone settled.

Sunday, we ended up missing church.  Weren't the plans but frankly, we were all extremely exhausted and I had a sinus headache that was a killer.  Plus, Warren had to take Max and Bojan to his parents house for the week.  Hope they behave themselves.  I checked their backpacks. Geez, at 12 & 16 you'd think they could pack.  Bojan packed for the week 2 shorts and 9 shirts.  Max had randomly grabbed underwear from the room.  Yeh, I would have liked to have seen him put on Nik or Alex's one day.  LOL.  That would have been a riot.   And this is why I check behind them.  Bojan didn't tell us he was out of medicine.  Called it in.  No biggie.  They all made it and Warren drove back home.  He is very exhausted right now. 

Today is Monday.  Lots to get done for sure.  I started homeschool w/ the 3 younger ones today.  This first week is going to be very laid back.  Going to get into is slowly.  Mostly reviewing some things this week and getting their minds back into the game.  Nik & Alyona worked on reviewing addition.  About ten pages worth.  I was surprised actually.  Alex worked on multiplication.  After a lunch break, we're working on geography and maybe start history.  May wait till tomorrow for history.  We'll see.  PE is a must here!  Swimming it is.  I'm also having them help me plan what they want to see as far as field trips go this year.  We will be studying the Wright Brothers in September so I'd love to go camp at the beach and visit the memorial one weekend.  We'll see.  We have a limited flexibility right now due to Yana's cross country.  Yet, I don't want one kids' activities affecting all of us.  So, we'll see where this leads.  New territory.  sure we'll work it out.  But, her meets are all at 4:30 in the afternoon and only one home one.  We'll figure it all out in time.  I really want to take the kids exploring various things that they'll be studying. 

Tomorrow, we take the FBI clearances in for apostilling.  Wish us luck.  Cleaning up a bit today.  2 of the "littles" from last year will be in kindergarten this year.  So, they won't be here.  1 of the other "littles" will definitely be here so I need to incorporate her into the homeschooling routine as well while still doing some fun stuff for her.  It's all about balance this year for sure.  More to come.  Yana's been practicing cross country.  She loves it and glad she's doing it.  We bought Bojan his first trumpet.  Warren is bringing it home today.  Irina, Max, Yana and Bojan will be doing youth group too.  So, keeping busy.  We're all caught up health wise.  Now, if we could catch up on sleep, we'd be good to go.  Warren may take a day off this Friday.  I do think it would be good for him.  He needs some rest but on a day off usually ends up trying to catch up around here.  Yana will be gone this coming weekend and Max & Bojan returning.  Irina and Nik will then go to their grandparents house as well.  It will be Nik's first time going.  I would love to go somewhere w/ the kids this weekend.  Have to see what's happening around here for sure.  Also, I am determined to go to the beach this year w/ the kids.  May have to do it w/out Yana at this point due to cross country.  We'll see.  Hope not as I'd love for all of us to go.  But, as the kids get older, they all have different activities and such and want them to be committed to it.  Much more to come.  Just have to go get everyone lunch and then it's a little geography time.  Got to run.  Enjoy your week. 

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  1. Soul Surfer is a great movie. Make sure you watch the extra of Heart of a Soul Surfer it's about 30 minutes, but is all about Bethany and her family and friends. Really good and I think your kids will enjoy it.