Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane prep

Well, we have been trying to somewhat get ready for the hurricane that is coming early in the morning.  Not much you can do to get ready though.  Made sure all projectile objects were put away in the yard and everything else flipped over so that wind would not catch it.  Will drain part of the pool out soon.  Took pictures.  We are surrounded by trees.  Should be okay but you just never know. 

My little "Stephen King" is convinced we are dying in the storm & then smiles.  Yes, I do think I'm going to have him draw a picture this time.  Who knows how that one will turn out.  LOL.  I looked up the sign for hurricane on the computer.  On ASL pro.  Not sure if it's right or not b/c seems complicated to me.  Nik is VERY into this weather.  I've reassured him it's fine here but the news is talking it up and he's watching intently.  It's his first hurricane so understandable.  I'll have 2 that will go ballastic if the lights go out.  That should be fun.  Hoping to keep the power though so not going to worry about something I have no control over.  However, you have kids w/ PTSD, certain events can trigger some reactions.  Spent lots of time really downplaying this storm for them.  Told them the house is safe.  Mom & Dad will be here throughout and if the lights go out, we'll simply play some games, read or clean their rooms.  Yeh, they didn't like the clean the rooms ideas.  Not too worried about anything.  The trees that could hit the house we're cut down 2 years ago.  Other tall ones should not be able to reach it. 

Warren went to Sam's for some food.  Remember, all the meat was gone from the popsicle fiasco.  Look 2 posts down & you'll see what I mean.  We'll enjoy some time together and good food.  Will post again tomorrow if we have power.  It's kind of a wait and see type of deal.  Stay safe everyone and take the time to enjoy some down time w/ your family.  All the events have been canceled here so a Saturday w/ nowhere to be.  This house is pretty sound so maybe, just maybe, we can sleep in for once.  Despite pounding rain.  Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.   Just stay safe.  Updates to come later this weekend. 

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