Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane headed here

Well, hurricane Irene is forcasted to hit the Carolina shores.  Actually, current path shows more of a direct hit to Raleigh.  For those who don't know, we live next to Raleigh.  I never worry about Hurricanes that hit as a Cat 1 or 2.  Those are more like rough thunderstorms.  Cat 3's are when they start getting a little rougher in my opinion.  This storm is expected to strengthen again.  Now, they are saying possibly hitting as a Cat 4.  Now, Category 4 is nothing to laugh at.  We do not live at the beach.  We are more inland & once the hurricanes hit shore, they dissapate over land.  However, the amount of destruction at a level 4 or 5 can do is massive.  Remember, we patched our roof last year.  It's holding.  We are very concerned if this storm comes in as a cat 4 or 5.  It is August so it is still hot here but nothing we can't stomach if the power goes out.  Last major, major storm that hit this area caused massive damage.  There are trees, large oaks, that could fall on the house but most should not.  One is very questionable but it won't hit the house if it falls.  These are really, really tall trees.  Really tall.  We are obviously keeping a close eye on this storm.  We really should know a lot more by late Thursday.  Don't know when they'll start evacuating the coast.   We'll be getting our supplies though most everything we have on hand anyhow.  Hurricanes are so unpredictable and so much could change between now and then.  So, amongst other things this week, we need to prep for a hurricane.  I was caught one time in the eye of Hurricane Fran.  Driving home from work.  A two hour commute.  It was erie.  We were all terrified.  I was young and not married at the time but will never, ever forget living through that storm.  Good  luck to those in its path.  We are hoping for a sharp swift turn to the east & out the Atlantic.  For now, path is this way though.  Keep you all posted.  For now, taking the kids to the park this Tuesday morning.  It's gorgeous out today and not too hot.  Love it!  Some places to track what's going on here w/ the storm:


national hurricane center


Still expected to hit here around 2 am or so Sunday morning.  Now, for me to go enjoy the park w /the kiddos.  Hurricane prep is Thursday here.  Yep, think it is time for my homeschoolers to learn about the weather.  Enjoy your week and more to come.  Pictures to come soon too.  Been slacking in that department lately.  

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  1. Praying for your family and the entire area.