Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flowers in bloom

Though summer is slowly coming to an end, we still have flowers in bloom here.  I haven't taken pictures of the hanging baskets still in bloom or all the annuals but found a few pictures from the other day that I thought I'd share.

 Love these pretty pink flowers.  These are from a shrub called the tree rose of Sharon.  To me, they look like mini hibiscus flowers. 

These shrubs line our driveway at the top.  People laughed at me when I planted them as sticks two years ago.  Yep, 2 years ago they were those looking sticks from a direct gardening company w/ those penny sales.  I think they were worth the money, don't you?  

 They line the driveway as you can see.  The plants on the right have done better due to the drainage of the yard.  We fixed that problem this year & have now see SO MUCH growth on the left.  Most on the left will be caught up to the right side next year.  

Caught this bug eating from the petunias the other day & snapped a shot.  My petunias are still blooming.  Always get trailing petunias.  BTW, tried the seeds for trailing petunias this year to see if they worked since they are incredibly cheaper than the plants.  Only .99 a seed packet at Lowes.  They did fantastic as you can see.  Love it.  Next year, I'll have petunias all over the place & it will only cost me about $5.  It really is easy to have flowers and shrubs at very reasonable costs.  

I know flower season is coming to an end.  Not many fall flowers really.  Just mums.  Well, a couple more but just mums that work at this house.  I'm not much on winter pansies so I just mostly do lots of spring and summer flowers.  Gives us a break from the yard altogether which is nice b/c then in the spring we are so ready to garden.  Got to get going.  School starts tomorrow.  This week just seems to be dragging on.  Crazy how that happens. 

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