Friday, August 19, 2011

Dog days of summer.....

are coming to an end.  School starts next week.  Our carefree, no schedule, do what we want summer days are coming to an end and quickly. 

 Here's Nik going for a swim.  I remember when he couldn't even touch the bottom.  Can't wait to have everyone swimming next year. 

I've got to work on Alyona and her "cheesy" smiles.  No doubt about it though, she's a fish in the water.  LOVES to swim.  All my kids love to swim.  

 Days of mowing grass are coming to an end.  I think Max will actually be disappointed about that.  We still haven't gotten around to sanding that bench or painting it.  Oh well, that's what lazy summer days are for , right? 

 Days of packing up to go to grandma's house are coming to an end as well.  This was Bojan packing.  You remember, right?  Kid was going for a week and he decides to bring 2 shirts and 9 pair of shorts.  Yes, I made him repack.  He insisted he take his backpack.  I think it was b/c the entire family somewhat threatened him if he took one of the "good" duffles and ruined it.  Let's just say Bojan has a history of spilling and being clumsy.  Not clumsy b/c he can't help it.  Clumsy b/c he is typically goofing off at the time doing one of his comedy skits. 

 Watching movies during the day are coming to an end.  When I blew this picture up, I realized the floor.  Yes, the puppies had chewed yet another thing up.  Some days were just plain too hot to go outside.  Soon, I'm sure we'll be complaining it's too cold.  

Days of eating whenever we feel like it are coming to an end.  I enjoyed our late night dinners, after a swim.  Alex decided he wanted the rest of Nik's salad.  What Alex didn't know was Nik put a pile of pepper on his b/c Nik likes spicy stuff.  Alex's face says it all.  

Days of playing ball outside are coming to an end.  I know what you're thinking....yard of the month, right?  LOL.  Yes, we have totally given up on having a nice yard as long as we have kids.  They play ball in the yard, ride their bikes in the yard, etc.  There is just no way we'll have grass unless we get astroturf. 

Yes, these dog days of summer are surely coming to an end.  In our house, we absolutely LOVE summer time.  Just a great time to us.  We love the no scheduling, relaxing feel of it all.  Hate to say goodbye to summer but we have wonderful fall things coming our way.  Like 3 new kids, soccer games, track meets, day trips, camping, hiking, cooler weather, riding bikes more, etc.  Many things to look forward to.  Getting cooler and baking.  Though we'll miss summer, I will say we had a great summer.  Lots of swimming, trip to Hershey Park , trip to Knoebels Amusement Park, Trips to museums, movies, playing with friends, having lots of pool parties, getting to know each other more & what their dreams are, eating lots of ice cream, eating lots more ice cream, and too many other things to name.  Though we'll miss summer time, I know we have much to look forward to this fall.  Already counting down the days.  Hope you had a wonderful summer.  Those dog days of summer. 

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